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"I propose that our first step should be to travel to the dwarven city and investigate. Perhaps we should split up, some of our number, those less skilled in deception and subterfuge, could prepare the base and ready our forces, while the rest of us gather information." Arthrik superficially speaks with very little emotion, though his voice seems to hide layers. It doesn't seem that he is incapable of expressing emotion, more that he is extremely good at hiding it.

"If you are sorted you can leave thou the door behind me and it will take you to the base from there you can begin but I am unable to help you out for some time Ive got to tend to distracting Kord and Bahamut while you establish yourselves thou I have set up some merchants and beastmasters to help you for a cost." If Torak had eyes or a face they would show some slight concern as his mind wanders to his other mission that also appears to holds a second part that plan.

"Well... I wouldn't mind hearing about the rest of you before we all depart our dear patron's company for a life on the road. However if we're set to go I do suppose I had best get changed out of my formal attire..." she says in seemingly absolute seriousness. With a raised hand and a snap of her fingers, in the space of an instant a black miasmic fog appeared around her, swirled around her body obscuring it from view for a moment before dispersing. Where the naked toned form of the 'Goddess' had stood was now the same woman only clad in plate armor dark as night. Sharp blades extended from every accented point along her forearms, shoulders and thighs, so gothicly styled and bladed was her armor that it would no doubt take a great deal of time to put on, less the wearer and their helpers be sliced to ribbons.

Hanging across the back of the armored 'goddess' was a large gothic blade of black metal with red and silver runes etched across it's length. A very faint and gentle wail of what might well be the raw essence of souls hangs in the air around the blade as it sits 'peacefully' awaiting the coming of battle. A heavy black cloak rests across her shoulders draping low to the ground dragging slightly, though even so the eyes are drawn to an ornate holy symbol made of the same black metal as her equipment hangs around her neck... the deity to which it referred no one knew for certain, but chances are it could be guessed.

With a stern face Sinestra looked to those that would become her companions, eyes acknowledging the demon's proclaimation from the moment before. "So will there be more stories and bonding, or shall we each have our secrets and be off to the road where we can discuss our plan?" she asks, her voice sounding a fair bit more serious than before.

you walk thou the portal and appear at the foot of a hill there is a small cave entrance a bit deeper in the cave is a wooden door it time is high noon and you all are sightly burning for the teleport the rest of the area is fairly open plains with a small village to your south west

Sinestra is the last through the portal, and strangely enough when she walks out of the other side of the portal, a powerful and large demonic horse walks at her side, a Nightmare as was easily determined by many that walked with her through the portal. Still dressed in her gothic black armor Sinestra placed a comforting hand on the great beast's flank, nodding to it as if the two were somehow communicating with one another before she looked to the assembled group.

"Come... the first thing we need to do is make ourselves at home. This is Sadoul, by the way..." she says motioning to her steed. "He bites, so watch your hand." she laughs and begins to walk into the large cavern and deeper into what she assumed to be their secret base.

"Second however is our plan of attack. Mister Bile, that village over there... it presents a prime place to strike an ambush, would it not... that is, without the annoying inhabitants that reside in it..." she remarks with a slow and sadistic tone in her voice.

"Someone will also need to see to our Orcish minions. We're going to need more if we are to stand a chance. More soldiers, creatures, denizens of the planes. I am unfamiliar with your world so perhaps we can sit and talk of where we might find more fodder for the machines of war."

An orc walks out of the cave clad in leather armor with a long sword at his side he has the gaze of many battles but his face is somewhat perfect as an orc can be. "So, you are the villains that the lich sent. I am known as The White Fang a disciple of the what raven and leader of the main attack force of this base" he speaks as he bows.


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