Tormauz History (ATTN ALL)

Tormauz History (ATTN ALL)

This thread is a group activity which will also supplement the fact that posting has been a little slow lately, this way we can all keep our head in the game while waiting on the game.

We are dealing with this wiki page:

specifically the HISTORY section reposted here:

The point of this thread, and hopefully everyone will have something to add (including you readers, we welcome your input) is to flesh this out some by adding new ideas and expanding on old ones.

Please chime in on this and we'll make it a group project as I think we really should develop our setting a bit more.

Things to do:
-suggest a new plot element or five
-expand on an existing element or ten
-ask many questions you think should be clarified

This is a big opportunity to help directly shape the world in which your character exists, please make the best of it!

Player bonuses awarded based on subjective and arbitrary GM decisions.

Think I'm going to attempt a time line of Tormauze to kick this off.

a timeline is probably not easy to do as the time frame spans several ages (3-5+modern)
Several of the ages don't even have proper calanders. I think getting more events is likely more beneficial because there is still so much empty space. If we make a timeline before adding more we will close off portions... Ie what if we add in a 100 year war? Now we have to change the timeline entirely.

Condensing the data into bullet points without adding in years is fine though. If you do that I can offer some aproxamations, but I'm skeptical of adding in actual year markers as of yet.

After the greenskins fled, no doubt smaller remnants scattered into cubbyholes to carve out roles as bandits between trade routes and such. Especially the further away from cities that would send out purging efforts consistently.

I guess the prevalence of greenskin slaves is also due to their saturation in the country so recently?

Also, do you have detailed who stole the spellbook, AKK? Actually there are probably a number of questions like that, where we as players or whatnot wonder if you have some detail set aside that is hidden to us for the sake of mystery and depth. In which case seizing on such things is less a goal than say making up an entirely new tidbit. But then as an 'outsider' we're not sure what we can touch and not inadvertently touch on things that we don't know, that contradict. Still quite possible (imagine say, making up a story that is literally told by citizens inside the gameworld, about something in the history, which may or may not be true), but it makes for tricky footing.

After the greenskins fled, no doubt smaller remnants scattered into cubbyholes to carve out roles as bandits between trade routes and such. Especially the further away from cities that would send out purging efforts consistently.

The greenskins fled to the abandoned territory (east of tormauz), they would raid frequently and make a major war effort push at eagle peak roughly once or more a generation. after the last battle they disappeared entirely, hence why it's called the "abandoned" territory. Where they are now is a GM secret that effects in game information and is determined.

I guess the prevalence of greenskin slaves is also due to their saturation in the country so recently?
This has to do with the generations of issues since the horde invasions predating the elf/dwarf wars. The slavers used to also provide aggression by taking slaves from the greenskin tribes in the east when they wanted new blood. in reality the feud has been fueled by both sides for centuries.

do you have detailed who stole the spellbook, AKK?
The GM that wrote that story forgot that plot and can't find the notes. It was stolen by some initiate war wizard (or someone posing as one) during the battle when Arid defeated the Hordes; though whoever stole it would become immensely powerful and there would have to be some reason why we didn't hear about this wizard as of yet. Could be anything, though it does seem to possibly tie nicely into Wynn's background. I haven't determined anything about this yet.

Actually there are probably a number of questions like that
Please ask them. If there is a bit of data reserved from the players I will just say so, in most cases the answer isn't likely to be that there is, however new tidbits are wanted and nice as well. I should mention there is plenty of room for more structures and cities and the cities that exist are hardly developed, even storyline wise. Take for example "Stormrend"

That article is literally all there is to that place. I needed a big city in that region and plopped one down. Khenzil Keep (the current big bad) wasn't even made when I started the adventure, back then we had Festous, Johnny, Jaiyna, Jebb and a few others. Should be obvious there is certain bits of Khenzil Keep that are reserved, but really there isn't that much at this point because it hasn't become that relevant to the plot and most of the time I'm busy trying to figure out what is going on with all the NPC's to try and figure out things like back story and history.

Either way, ask questions and create a dialog, that's how these things get moving, and with all the talent we have here I'm sure we can put together some great ideas for the country's history. The idea is questions get asked and answered (some of which I might even be hazy on) but eventually someone says "wouldn't it be cool if..." and then the writing begins.

At least that's the idea.

Hmm, what about Saffire and his tribe he took north - what might've become of him or is it not specified really?

Saffire didn't have much to do with Tormauz after that...

It's all mostly worked out as Saffire was someone's character in a long running campaign, but to help things along and inspire some thought...

OOC as this possibly could affect story decisions at some point: Saffire went on to become a famous adventurer in the northern territory (he was a very powerful fire elementalist) and his tribe became citizens of Tseria and shared land with the native human tribes. He and Eagustan adventured and found some ancient pirate treasure and helped with a lot of conflicts in Tseria pertaining to the scar of the land. Both worked with Arid and Sunny in the
A major historic world event that has to do with third age goings on
Conquest of Oceanda where they put down a potent gallery of villains (Nekrom, some Vaorren lords and few others, as well as an army of undead skeletons) trying to awaken Azarris (one of the ancients). All of the heroes listed disappeared in different directions after that, currently Saffire is an ascended being in the land of dragons and gods on a holy mission, details of which are witheld as it is part of an epic campaign that effects the world on a mass scale and is part of a story arc that the characters will likely see when they are points ready.

It's likely possible I might exaggerate the details of this through a bard at some point so as to introduce the topic, so you don't have to worry about forcing yourself to forget all that.

Well thank you nonetheless, that is fascinating, especially to hear of an epic group doing such stuff in the same world.

Well, I'm stuck on bandits for some reason. Obviously something thats a problem anywhere in a fantasy world, but perhaps there is a plot in there somewhere if I were to craft a bandit 'king' who troubles certain areas of Tormaus. Perhaps he is from somewhere else, like say formerly of the Federation of Free Trade, which seems pretty logical as far as bandit origins go, and also could be someone known to our other Federation 'friends' in the campaign, maybe.

Or different players can detail a bandit in the crew! A bandit character party right here in the Tormaus History thread!

*fires twin pistols in the air over and over and whooooops*

I like. There is actually a bandit problem on the outskirts of the city, the mention of brigands came up early in the very first thread, which I thought seemed logical being that the capital is getting poor and that means less patrols, especially outside the city.

This is something I would love to work into Laryeim's background at some point to, since she would be the one to have encountered them. Go on with the bandit scenario, see where it takes you. The Federation does seem like a natural origin for that. Anytime a pirate gets a little too "Free" they go and cool their heels "in country" as a colloquialism even though the FFT would be their country of origin.

"Blithe's crew got caught two timing one of the big houses and now their wanted by the FFT and the Empire. If I was looking for them I'd head into country."

Just a passing thought. Use it or don't in the creation, I'm just thinking out loud for some story elements

Alright, I think I got West Tormauz pretty well figured out. Give me some time to flush out some ideas about it.


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