At his latest comment, Kismet beams at Marc. "Our gene-jacked friend here was being a little..." she
uses her data vault
pauses for a split second "overzealous. I'm a mechanic, not a murderer; if we can avoid being IDed as ... existential threats to the good Doctor, it'll be a helluva lot easier to get in and get out with the salvage you want in one piece. Can you tell us what actions *WILL* provoke a hostile response from Doctor Worm, or at least which ones *WOULD* have done so before his mental breakdown?"

The instability in the AI is inherent in the Doctor Worm system. What he will and won't perceive as a threat is unknown, but he will likely not immediately assume you to be a threat.
The window changes to a detailed hologram of the Vandammung.
Your route is to be determined on site. If either of the AI systems are still working, you should be able to dock in one of the hangers.

"And if they're not working, or unresponsive?" Frank asked "what alternatives do we have to entering through the hangers?"

Looking over the transmission from the the Vandammung, he added "Have you guys read this 'damage report'? It's not exactly encouraging..."

Marc looked over the report Frank spoke of. "Well, no one is going to accuse 'Ole Doc' of not having a sense of humor, no matter how twisted", Marc said.

Kismet laughs. "Oh, every AI is funny in one way or another. Don't know if I've ever seen one this kind of ... 'funny', though" her voice is trailing off at the end as she reads over the damage report once more. She sounds deeply concerned. Worried, even.

Gene jacked? Never heard that one before..., Subject 20 thought to himself. He looked over the damage report, but thought it was too vague to make any assumptions about. "The report is very non-specific. You said that there were two AI's, can we depend on the other one?"

The countering AI, DEB, has shown no instability and was the ships unofficial therepist. The DEB system should still be operation if the Doctor Worm system is online.
The voice stops
Should the hangers or AI be unaccessable, you will have to cut your way in through the bridge-side airlock. Should that fail, you will have to improvise

Marc looks around the room. "Well, we've got the 'WHO' and the 'WHAT'. I don't think we can diagnose the 'WHY' until we get there. I'm assuming the Corp will take us to the 'WHERE'. Now for the 'WHEN' and the 'HOW', as in when do we leave and how are we getting there? Will salvage equipment be availible to us on the ship we are to travel in (i.e., cutting torches, vac-suits, cargo-moving equipment, ship's manifest of equipment so we know what we're looking for, etc...)? , he asked the nebulous female voice giving the briefing.


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