Uhlsdor's Escape Thread

Uhlsdor's Escape Thread

Uhlsdor came to after Ilm'Olim had removed the stupefying drugs from his system.

He groggily sat up, released from his bonds.

"Here" Ilm'Olim said, handing him a simple dagger. "I could not retrieve your possessions, they are in the vault. You are on your own. If you live through the night, you'll be my consort and will be exempt from sacrifice."

She then backed away from the open cell door, looked where she had left Xunvrae a moment before and cursed. Not wasting further time, she cast a spell and immediately dis appeared from view. Alarms have not yet gone off, but they soon will.

Uhlsdor fades from view immediately after Ilim'olin stops talking and herself disappears.

Invisible, he reaches through the bars of the cell containing the two orcs and claps one of them on the shoulder. You have been pardoned for your crimes against House Arabani and you are to join the House commoners as a foot soldier. All praise to Lloth! The fell creature's form immediately changes to closely match Uhlsdor.

He then removes a pair of thin lock picks from where they were subtly braided into his hair, touches the other orc and says, you are a mighty warrior, let no foe stand in your way!.. and picks the lock on the cell door containing pseudo-Uhlsdor and the brave-orc. The door is unlocked...

He moves to the cell containing the other drow. We don't have much time. I fear your chances of escape are slim, but they are better than what you face here. The Matron is in a mood... he picks this lock also. Your door is unlocked.

As he makes his way out of the torture chamber, he can't help but ponder his chances of breaking into the Vault.

Both orcs react as hoped.

Uhlsdor-Orc leaves the cell and begins walking calmly towards the staircase down, confident that he has been freed to serve, his chest puffed out.

Mighty-Orc helps himself to some of the torture implements (a hammer and a sharp knife) and strides forth looking for a foe to kill. He apparently does not consider Uhlsdor-Orc a foe just yet because he ignores him and takes a position near the stairs to drop down on the first guard to come up in ambush.

The alarm goes off around the time Uhlsdor finishes picking the drow's lock. The drow utters a brief word of thanks, grabs another sharp instrument from the torture parlor and slips away into the darkness towards the east, away from the stairs.

Uhlsdor follows Pseudo-Uhlsdor down the
if those are all 5ft squares, and he doesn't slow down for stealth, he can get down stairs in approximately 3 rounds

Downstairs he instructs his doppleganger to go
Round four should see Pseudo-U in the intersection near the Matron's, and the 1st, 3rd, and 4th daughter's chambers
right, The Matron Mother is that way. Report for duty. Your new name is Uhlsdor. And then he takes the left path. Pseudo-Uhlsdor goes looking for the most likely female drow to report to for duty.

Prisoners are escaped!! Brave-Orc charges fearlessly into a fight and is quickly dispatched.

Uhlsdor makes a
Round 1 - 3: Get down stairs
Round 4: End up between the office and the 10th Daughter's chambers, going around the outside to the top
Round 5: in passage near the 5th daughter and office.
Round 6: just outside the door of the 6th daughter's chamber
Round 7: down another set of stairs
Round 8: between the throne room and the 15th daughter's chambers
Round 9: near the next stairs down
mad dash, relying heavily upon his invisibility and using stealth to be silent when needed. He is thrown off his feet as a massive explosion rocks the tower. Quickly he regains his feet and he sneaks down the stairs to find.... a guard station.


At best this is a rough time-line. Feel free to interrupt it with roaming guards, etc and I will come back to post reactions to those events. If unhindered he nears the Guard Station on the first map on Round 10.

5 Rounds before Retreiver rats him out.

As Uhlsdor is coming around the corner of the Tenth Daughter's chambers, ahead of him he sees the Fourteenth Daughter's (Shristra's) door opens and she steps out to see what is happening.

She apparently has not noticed you, her attention being occupied by tightening her weapon belt. She is striding in your direction (probably towards the staircase up). It is round 4.

Uhlsdor freezes in place and waits for her to pass.

Standard: Ready to Blacklight if seen.
Move: hide -> 32 -> 72 if she lacks See Invis+
Dice Roll: 1d20+27
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 32)

Shistra blithely walks past, intent upon a stubborn buckle. She appears to be joining others in heading upstairs. Uhlsdor makes it to near the Fitfh Daughter's chambers when he hears some of the discussion between Waer'tana and Tsab'lochar from down the hall. He sees Azla heading his way but is uncertain if she see's him. (Note: Uhlsdor does not know she is a Doppleganger).

Vith'os! Uhlsdor just couldn't seem to catch a break today. Well, not counting Ilim setting him free.

He continues to
Stealth: 45 / 65
Dice Roll: 1d20+27
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 45)
move silently, towards her, thinking that she does not notice him.

She breezes by, apparently preoccupied with some train of thought.

A moment passes, then Uhlsdor has unimpeded movement all the way to the stairs down to the lower level. This staircase is guarded at the moment, but more to watch who is coming up rather than who is coming down. There are two Surok Hai (one a half-fiend, the other a very buff looking orc. They are speaking with one of the lower tier daughters, possibly Vascice or Malaste from the sound of it....

"Make sure no one goes up and no one comes down. We are in lock down from this moment until ordered otherwise," the unseen feminine voice orders.

Uhlsdor waits until Malaste comes back up the stairs. He takes a deep breathe and then waves his lock pick at the buff looking orc.

If successful, he will do the same to the 1/2 fiend.

Round 12 (guesstimation)
Move: nada
Standard: Silent Hold Monster (Will DC 27)

Round 13
Standard: Silent Hold Monster (Will DC 27)
Move: approach the guards to check for keys.


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