Act 3, Scene 3: The Swamp

Act 3, Scene 3: The Swamp

The following morning is overcast as you set out south for the swamp and the nearby Orc village, your heads still throbbing from the effects of the booze the night before. The further south the get, the more desolate the land get, the bleak but beautiful fields that surround Västervik give way to barren tracts of grassless dirt, a dark sullen brown. Your feet sink into the ground as you cross into the drained swampland. Gnarled bushes give way to sharp bladed grass which surround sickly yellow pools of water.

Around the pools are a half dozen badger-sized vermin that you don't recognize, hearing you approach two of them eye you hungrily.

I'm surprised anything can survive in this, We may want to watch our step in it Greil grumbles, a scowl present on his face, though if it is from the menaces before your or the devestation to nature you are unsure. So we trying to ford this bit of swamp or are we gonna take the long way around?

"I think this pool lets out just over there," Orion says, pointing. "We should make our crossing there, rather than plumb the depths of this pool." Meanwhile on the edge of his vision he spots the animals approaching, and rather than speak he just points them out to his comrades without a word.

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Well, I should have expected to go through swamps to get to the Orcs, but I'd rather be back in the desert right now. Greil, you will be acting as my horse through out this travel since you are already as dirty as a swamp. Trying to not step foot into the swamp water, Rune sets up on the land and glances around at the approaching animals.

Still fairly glowing from the night before, Boone plods along through the swamps damned-near oblivious to his surroundings. he is, nevertheless, happier than he's been in some time. From time to time, he pulls a lightly-scented handkerchief from his pocket, a momento of the girl from the tavern with whom he'd passed the evening. "Ah, Sheela...

"And now a bit of sport. Excellent."
Boone's smile grows even larger when he sees he vermin, and soon his sword literally appears in his hand.

Ugh. Vile swamp. The stench is only surpassed by the hazards... Grumbling with his head down as he trudges along, careful not to twist an ankle or get stuck in mud, Finley finally looks up to notice the large vermin standing a stone's throw away. Oh come on! Now we have!

The beast catch your scent, but not before Orion and Boone have the chance to act.

Orion hold's his hand up silently, checking the parties stride. "These beasts are plague-bearers. Concentrate on the smells around you. They give off something foul, steel your stomachs."

The monk then sands straight, bringing his hands together and breaths deep. Then in one fluid motion he darts forward at the beast in the underbrush, delivering a sweeping kick at the vermin.

With a quick step to his right, Boone clears his line of sight to the furthest enemies and launches a powerful sphere of radiant light that impacts amidst a pair of the creature. "Damnation. Could'a thrown that one a little better. Guess I should'a laid off the sauce last night."

The small disfigured vermin manages to avoid Orion's kick, but the monk is unable to avoid the choking stench that which causes him to wretch as he attacks.

Boone strides across the swamp and summons a brilliant burst of light between to vermin on the far side of the polluted water. The light is so brilliant you cannot see, but you hear as one of the beast howls and dies.

The vermin next to Orion scampers forward and sinks it claws deep into the monk's calf. Another vermin rushed Boone, drawing blood from the Illusionist. You can hear as a couple vermin splash into the polluted water.


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