Act 3, Scene 3: The Swamp

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Why are there vermin attempting to bite us? Do they not know when to give up? Looking at the closest one, Rune steps forward to gain an advantage with Boone and stabs at the closest vermin.

I hope you can handle this beast Greil calls towards Orion as he moves towards the heart of the group. As he passes Rune he is sure to let slip, Maybe their diets could use some extra iron! Greil brings his hammer up and proceeds to bring it down upon the poor vermins skull.

Rune follows Boone, his heavy metal boots sinking into the soft ground. He stabs at the vermin with his dagger which glows as he strikes, but the attack doesn't land.

Finley shouts at the vermin, "You dirty rat!" and the vermin between the two spell casters looks at him quizzically but is unperturbed.

Greil joins Rune and Finley in attempting to kill the apparently unkillable mutant rat. The beast claws at him as he passes in front of it, but it fails to pierce his armor. The warden attempts to batter the vermin with his shield, but it nimbly bounces off and lands on its feet.

The vermin at his feat still attempting to bit at him orion strikes down with an elbow to the rats spine.

"Think I'm useless with a sword, eh?" Boone cries. "Well, you'll soon know different!"

As he says this, a brilliant field of energy surrounds both Boone and his weapon, protecting him from attack and threatening all who would attack him. In that instant, Boone strikes hard with his sword.

The mutated vermin dodges Orion's elbow, skittering around in the mud as the monk's legs slide out from under him and throw the attack off balance.

The vermin next to Boone is not so nimble and is skewered by the wizards mystical blade. Boone whips the blood from the sword and holds it vertical in front of his Orb, which pulses gently. Two identical blades appear out of the air, as if condensing from the mist. When fully formed they shimmer like ice and slows orbit around the wizard.

The vermin next to Orion responds to the monk's fumbled attack with one of its own, but its claws miss the monk's fast moving feet. Another vermin scrambles through the brush to get closer to the monk. Two vermin on the other side make their way across the polluted stream, one of them charges at Boone. It's claws rip through the illusionist's robes and into his flesh, but the little beast is skewered on one of the orbiting blades which swung into the path of the charge at the last moment.

You the some of the thick bushes shake violently as a number of vermin scramble out.

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Well these mutant vermin will not last long. The previous one may have barely escaped from my blade, but the next one shall not be so lucky against my Cosmic Energies. Looking at one of the vermin that just appeared from the brush, Rune sends out a bolt of cold energy against it.

I'm not sure how much these things are aggressive as derranged Greil comments looking at the various vermin scuttering around. let's see if they do have any instincts left. With that Greil rasies his shield and bangs his hammer several times against it. This might just agitate them in which we'll see what we're facing, or if we're lucky it'll scare some off.

Rune's eyes glow a pale blue and his dagger releases a bitter white pulse of energy, but the vermin is surprisingl agile and it dodges the attack, which creates a small ice patch where it hits the ground.

Greil takes a moment to look over the corpses of the dead vermin at his feet, disgusting as they are. When he looks up he take his hammer and bangs it against his shield. The loud and jarring, and the Vermin next to Rune shudders in pain, it continues to quake even after Greil stops and it shrinks away from the Warden.

Finely doubts that these creature would even understand him if he spoke, so instead he shouts to catch the attention of one of the vermin and proceeds to make all manner of rude gestures. Whatever the Bard was trying to communicate to the little beast, he succeeds and it whithers under the harassment.

Silently Orion advances on the oncoming vermin, and strikes out with a foot.


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