Act 3, Scene 3: The Swamp

With his guardian blades in place, Boone sneaks around the back of the nearest vermin and strikes again with his sword.

Orion slides over to the vermin that is approaching him and attempts kick it, but continues to be unable to hit the disfigured animals. The monk chokes on the awful stench that surrounds the vermin.

Boone circles around to the nearby vermin, his sword glows brightly and he thrusts it at the vermin. You hear a loud hiss as the blade sears the vermin, letting of a awful burning stench which causes the wizard to wheeze.

The vermin next Orion slashes as the monk, but he nimbly side steps the swings. The two vermin on the far side of the polluted pond scamper closer. The nearest vermin avoids the mystical blades circling around Boone to slash at Rune with its claws, which deflect off of Rune's metal body.

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Seeing the vermin attempt to claw at his metal body, Rune's eyes flash a blood red as he raises his dagger and attempts to skewer the rat with his thunder energy.. You shall never get past my defenses, and if by some miracle you do you will not live to act again.

Moving over towards the cluster of vermin, Greil calls back, Orion, keep tabs on the water, there could be more stirring! when he reaches his spot he continues his barrage of noise in an attempt to startle the vermin.

Rune reaches out and grabs the mutated little beast and a you the sound of a thunderclap as his gauntlet flashes white and the vermin falls dead.

Greil uses his hammer and shield to bushwhack his way into the thick brush. When he's close enough to the vermin on the far side of the stream he bangs his hammer on his shield making a loud echoing noise.

The warden's warning turns true as some mutated and broken beast rises out of the middle of the lake.

Finley shouts to the vermin clawing at Orion, "You're a sorry little sh!t! You're cripple little claws couldn't hit a dead man!" The vermin whips its head around so fast it falls over in to the water where it is quickly squashed beneath Orion's heel.

As the party begins to get the upper hand, Boone starts feeling it. "Ha ha!" he cries, letting off a blast of pure eldritch energy, which flies unerringly at the nearest of the vermin.

Spotting a beast farther into the swamp Orion leaps forward, lightly darting through the brambles and over the waters before as he makes his way to the centre of the swamp. As he reaches to brambles at the centre he leaps into the air, landing hard in the mass of leaves and thorns, which he sends flying into the swamp at the unknown beast.

Leaping into the air, Orion lands on a small spit of solid land and blasts the beast that just rose out of the polluted water with a shockwave of leaves and thorns.

Boone slings a blade of pure energy at one of the mutated vermin, slicing it in half before moving closer to the lake.

Dazed and frightened the vermin in the water swims to shore and away from Greil.

Phase of the Stars; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Ah, a much better adversary to fight against than these pesky little vermin. You shall be mystified by my Cosmic Powers. Stepping towards the beast in the water, Rune raises his dagger and sends out a dazzling beam of starlight into its eyes.

Seeing the beast come out of the water Greil turns for a better look and to get to the foreground to keep himself between it and his comrades. What have these Orcs done... he growls furiously as he stalks forward.


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