Act 3, Scene 3: The Swamp

Rune moves closer to the large mutant beast in the water and raises his magical dagger which emits a brilliant starlight, so dazzling that it dazes the mutated beast.

Greil also walks out onto the little spit of swam to get a closer look at the mutant beast.
Dazed, but ravenous nonetheless the mutant beast charges at Greil, its long claws tearing into the goliath,

Finley follows behind the warforged sorcerer and hits the beast causing it to experience terrible visions of horror and doom.

Seeing the battle before him coming under control, Boone steps back, away from the polluted water. Then he levels his sword and fires off a burst of pure energy at vermin behind him.

In the center of the swamp Orion sees the beast strike in rage at his friend. Bolting forward he charges through the overgrowth, leaping over the water. But the monk does not simply land behind the beast, he drops his elbow and lands all of momentum on the back of the animal.

Orion nimbly leaps over the murky polluted water, but the soft ground throws off his landing and the monk's attack does not strike home.

Boone moves away from his allies and the beast congregating on the little spit of swampland and slings a ethereal blade at one of the disfigured vermin, slaying it.

Ravenous and undeterred four more vermin rush towards you.

Phase of the Sun; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

You shall feel the full power of my arcane teachings since none of your minions can stand up against us. Channeling his cosmic energies into a forceful blast, Rune lets it flow through his dagger and attack the Beast in front of him with a bit of an extra push to it. And his body shimmers and turns to a golden red.

Alright, come test my strength! Greil calls out to the offending mystery beast bringing his hammer high. Someone make sure to keep those vermin off my back! he calls out to those behind him hoping to make sure no little buggers interfere with his focus on the beast

Rune stabs at the foul beast with his mystic dagger, and while the attack doesn't land true, he does manage to graze the beast, doing some damage before carefully circling around the beat.

Greil challenges the beast, something with the beast understands on some primal level. The warden then swings his hammer at the it, but the beast is to quick for the strike.

It responds with an attack of its own, reaching out with its sharp talons and grabbing hold of Greil, its sharp grip tearing into the warden. With Greil firmly in its grasp it rakes at him with its talons, but the goliath calls upon the hardiness of his heritage and endures the assault.

Finley slides past Rune and Greil and lends his blade to the fight against the mutant beast, attacking fiercely with his songblade and forcing an opening in the beasts defenses for his allies to exploit.

Watching and waiting for his moment Orion darts in as Finley strikes, delivering a blow to the beasts altered body.

Orion's heavy blow lands true and you can hear the loud snap of bone and the horrific creature flinches in agony.

Spinning his blade around him, Boone unleashes a ethereal blade which slices the vermin closest to his allies in half and it falls back into the water.

One of the vermin rushes at the wizard, only to be cut down by his orbiting swords before landing a blow. Two others move closer and one claws and Greil but its attack bounces harmlessly off his shield.

Phase of the Sun; HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Well this beast does not have long to live on this land anymore so I shall take pity on it and kill it here and now. Looking at the beast in front of him Rune lets forth a blinding yellow light with a resounding boom unleashed from within his metal body.


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