OOC Thread

I just downloaded the players' guide. It seems we will have to wait a week or more before the subscriber copies come out.

Heh, checked for the guide just before going to sleep, guess it came out overnight.

Also, I've come up with a brilliant solution- I'm going to get druuunk!

Game Update:

With the arrival of the Player's Guide I figure I can put a more definitive timetable on things.

March 7 (as the ad stated) will be when I select the players. As indicated I won't count participating in our little adventure against you. It was only meant to a) entertain, and b) give you all an idea of the players/characters/GM before committing.

Please indicate by March 6 if you have lost interest (easiest way I guess is in your application thread)

Once selected there will be a 2 week period to have your character rounded out and sheet finalized. During this time I'll finish off the side-trek and get you to the starting point for the AP. Those not posting in the side-trek will 'conveniently' be at that point as well. The pace of this side-trek has intentionally been kept slow so as not to burn anyone out. It will pick up once the AP starts.

As a plot-twist and something to assist with character development I was thinking of having something rather . . interesting . . happen to those in the side-adventure. Something that will help with the atmosphere of the game.

Finally, the side-trek did serve one purpose for me and that was to gauge player interest. The one doubt I have as a GM is 'Oh crap, I've bored them to death.'

Out of curiosity, what's the damage die on boredom?

Not sure what traits I'm gonna choose, still haven't worked those out yet.

Sans final skills/saves etc we'll just roleplay this effect. It will happen over a minute or so and don't worry, I'm not going to kill my applicants :- )


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