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Bah, you cannot flee the light! Men of worth step into the world as bright sparks, ready to burst into blinding flame and-

...Oops, got a bit carried away there. Heh.

Originally Posted by shadowhntr7 View Post don't want to kill us?

I don't trust you now.
Well as PLAYERS it will be slightly different. But as applicants? Hmm . . maybe it would save me the 'Sorry but I have no further available spots'.

Originally Posted by Wulfston View Post
Looking to get us out of this tiny room, perhaps? :P
Uh huh. It's gotta happen some time

Originally Posted by Samaelryn View Post
Janel Raj

Closing her eyes, Janel focused on her breathing for a moment in order to maintain her calm, then once she was certain she could keep cool she opened her eyes - just as the stitched man dropped one of their number unceremoniously on the ground. She glanced over to where the.. paladin? was screaming righteous vengeance at their captor, wondering why she would want to draw attention to herself in a time like this.
I love this . . it's like 'pick me !! pick me !!'

um... hhmmm... an awekward position. i stopped posting because the side trek game seemed to be moving far faster than i could reasonably contribute to. i can post about once a day. is this too slow for you guys? I'm playing Miosil, the witch from the beginning.

if it is ok, can someone fill me in on the where abouts of the side trek? IF Miosil can jump in?


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