OOC Thread

Okay, I've selected the players/characters . . after much procrastinating. The numbers grew a little but I think I can move the numbers around to make sure I don't have everyone in the same combat at the same time.

Okay, if you have any questions to finalize your characters ask away. Have a few moments before work and then can answer any remaining when I get home.

Alright. Heh. I actually missed that my character was accepted, so this is a pleasant surprise. Uh, okay, lessee... I didn't actually find out if we roll for gold or take average gold. I may have missed where it was put?

k question!

Archtypes, my feeler is undead heavy so basically, should I take undead scourge?

a) You must if you want to live!
b) Not essential, you Paladin is already awesome.
c) It's a surprise
d) Don't bother the GM with silly questions or you shalt be smited!

He doesn't know any more than you do, I can tell you that- however, the player's guide does in fact say TAKE UNDEAD SCOURGE, so it could help.

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