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Crap I knew I should have downloaded the Player guide, though last couple of weeks I had a fierce work period, will download today.

Thanks for the heads up, though I know you shadow picked b)

Originally Posted by Wulfston View Post
Alright. Heh. I actually missed that my character was accepted, so this is a pleasant surprise. Uh, okay, lessee... I didn't actually find out if we roll for gold or take average gold. I may have missed where it was put?
I was thinking maximum gold.

As shadowhntr7 indicated - the player's guide says take it so I'm not going to argue.

On the AP itself - it's a disgusting fact that I checked with my game store here and they quoted 'leave the warehouse in 7-10 days' plus '6 - 10 days posting time'. So I checked a US site - ordered it then and had it in the mail in 24 hours. And from the US to Oz they told me 4 - 6 days.

It's no wonder we shop online and shop internationally

Should we purchase all equipment or only weapons and armor?
how about traveling gear, rations?

will we be able to buy more stuff soon? since we will probably carry on from the intro (a great one ) I felt the need to ask

Max gold just gave me a better armor

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