Alissa Jordan-Wright

Oh, hey. That is a rather interesting interpretation. I can very, very easily do something with that sort of connection. Gives me all kinds of ideas.

As a player, what would interest you more? Spring or Autumn?

Probably Spring, because of all manner of subtle ties it could represent to Alissa, like she just now starting to become a social person (the "spring" of her social life), of the drive and energy she has to focus on something, etc.

Very interesting. The real interesting thing is that the lost courts have very little power to begin with and restoring them could be a big part of the game.

Yeah, I figured, so their having little power could be why only random and seemingly unrelated whispers managed to get through to Alissa at first, but then as a couple more adventures go through, the whispers become more and more direct/clear, until they lead her into discovering the truth/plot-related event/etc.

Another idea for the future: Even with Ulrik's player's apparent disappearance, I'd like to continue on the smith apprentice angle and eventually gain the Gunsmith stunt. Eventually, when the truth is revealed and Alissa becomes the Spring Knight, I'd like to keep using this custom weapon as her "sword", with the pretext that the Spring Court is so weakened that it can do little more than give a small boon to their champion's already-used weapon of choice, instead of granting her a full artefact like the Sword of Summer that Fix has, or something of the sort.

I'm even having some fluff ideas on how to design and use the "Pistol of Spring" in-game... :P

Also, I think that when she becomes the Spring Knight, I will do the swap between Finely-Tuned Third Eye to the Sight, with the explanation that the Court's magic, however small it is, opened Alissa's own natural abilities and enhanced them.


I think those are both very possible. I've been thinking on Alissa's connection and the like, trying to come up with a way to get it into the game.

Basically I see Alissa as having a bit of magical resonance, more or less. She's sensitive to the ebbs and flows of magic without actually being a practitioner herself. She's kind of like a magical capacitor - she can hold a lot of it, but she doesn't have any power herself. So all she's gotten so far are this little wisps and snippets of things. That's one reason Mikel was interested in her. It's also what will make her a good Spring Knight.

Once Mikel is dealt with that clears up the past problem and brings her attention to the court. Once we get over the hurdle of this adventure I plan on moving a bit more into the Lost Courts.

My big trouble now is somehow bringing Chris into the mix. Cindertooth kind of threw me for a loop and it's kind of this odd thing I have to deal with. I'd personally like to resolve that issue quickly so I can focus this game more on the Fae side of things. The one idea I have is that the Lost Courts need some powerful magic to sort of kick start themselves. They can help Chris find a weapon capable of defeating Cindertooth, but in return for that weapon they want most of the dragon's power.

Interesting. Personally, I would like if we had another adventure or two before Alissa becomes the Spring Knight; perhaps we could deal with Cindertooth without knowing the Fae are helping? Either way, I'm looking very very forward to the rest of the game!

Ah, it's good to know your preferences and I can certainly work that way. I'll just start dropping hints for now.

Do you want to remain full on Pure Mortal for that entire time, or would you prefer to get one or two minor powers before that?

Pure Mortal for the time being sounds good; I'd like to expand on that craftsmanship/relationship with dwarves angle, even if Ulrik becomes an NPC. It's an interesting option to give Alissa more options and contacts without pulling in the supernatural yet.

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