Alissa Jordan-Wright

Well, high Lore is awesome for assessments. Right now she's the one who knows the most about the supernatural. That's great for making assessments and declarations! But if you don't think it's being useful enough, that's good to know. I'll do what I can to point out when it can be used and to make sure it's useful.

Well, she'd be getting Glamours as a straight up power, but it's being granted by the court and not coming from herself. If it makes you feel more comfortable, we can toss it into an amulet or the like. But at the same point, if you do want to make an enchanted gun she's going to have to learn actual magic eventually.

And yeah, a stunt for that is fine. So it'd be Glamours + a stunt.

No, what I meant is that, just as Fix has a "Sword of Summer", the Spring Court could bestow their power (ie. the mantle of the Spring Knight) as an enchantment on her actual weapon, to make do for they not having a true Sword of Spring (because they are powerless and all that). I thought we had talked about this already? The powers would come with the enchanted weapon (which would be the conduit between the Court and Alissa), with the exception of the Sight (which, as we talked, will substitute Finely-Tuned Third Eye when she becomes the Knight).

End of story, she wouldn't be enchanting the weapon herself, it would be the Court who would be bestowing their powers through the weapon.

Ah, right. Though I find putting glamours on a gun to be kind of odd. But that's just me. I suppose it could be two items, but no need to get fancy if it's not needed.

Dunno, I can see it clearly... we could even have her "shoot" the Glamours off from the gun!

Edit: Which would be awesome, by the way...

Hmn, I'm also thinking, seeing as the Spring Court were the Guardians of the Way, perhaps it would make sense to give Alissa the Worldwalker ability as part of her Spring Knight package?

I could see her getting Worldwalker as well. Maybe she can shoot holes in the world for temporary portals? If nothing else, it would really help out the group.

It's certainly interesting and not what I'd have chosen, but I don't see a problem with it.

I would have gone with two items. An old locket for both Worldwalker and Glamours, containing a hair from each of the fallen Spring Lords and Ladies. The locket is formed of some strange sort of wood and carved like a growing vine. The gun was going to be something different.

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