Alissa Jordan-Wright

Ah, I see. Well, I've become rather enamoured with the idea of blasting holes in the fabric of reality itself, and spawning forth illusions from the point of my gun.

Hmm, I have a thought that kind of stems from the old Arthurian Legends. What if it's both the gun and the holster? Maybe the holster holds illusions and the worldwalker is the gun?

Mostly I'm having a massive disconnect with the idea of gun = subtle illusions.

Why is that, though? Think about it, shooting an illusion is no different than waving your hand and creating it with magic. You're thinking on a mundane gun, that barks and creates a lot of noise when shot, but it's a magical gun we're talking about. Whenever Alissa would use it to create an illusion, it would be silent and discreet. Let's try it out in an example.

Alissa is running away from a couple of White Court Vampires who want revenge for Mikhel's death. She is unable to face them directly, since it would be four versus one, so she decides on hiding and escaping their notice, so that she can regroup with her friends and face them on more favourable odds. She skids to a stop after turning a few corners, knowing that the vamps are going to catch up at any moment. Kneeling on the snowy ground, she takes out her trusted pistol, now a symbol of the waning power of the Spring Court. Closing her eyes and murmuring nonsensical words to focus her mind, she points the gun to the ground and shoots; instead of a bullet, a small sphere of light hits the ground, quickly becoming a large dome encompassing her. While she sees the dome, she knows that anyone who watches it from the outside will see only the bare ground and the stretch of wall behind her. She is safe, for the moment.

Oh, I know that it works. This is just me and the way my mind works sometimes. I'm afraid that I'm always going to have this particular mental block, as I will always associate guns as being an unsubtle weapon (despite sniper riles). I'm not saying it can't work like that, only that I personally think it's really weird. But hey, it's magic. A wizard did it.

If you're really uncomfortable with it, sure, we can work something out. It's an interesting angle that I wanted to try, though.

If it makes you happy, go with it. Though I might play with the Fae as really finding the gun unusual. These are old fae, they likely haven't had much power since well before firearms were a thing. Still, Spring is a season of change and so I can see it happening. Though I might well have fun with compels at times, given that guns are a lot newer tech than swords. The magic will always work, but sometimes the gun might have strange side effects or really weird missfires.

Hmn, I thought only mortal magic caused technology to go wonky (that's why Fix can point a shotgun at Harry's face without worry of it misfiring or anything). But I don't mind such things happening, if it will enrich the game.

Question (though you can delete it or disregard this as its none of my business, but...)

Is her Desert Eagle going to be silver-plated? Don't forget that Fae magicks have a hard time interacting with iron/steel (aka, it destories it). I think the holtser/Glamour + Gun/Worldwalker seems fitting. Blasting gates to other realms wide open, while holtsering the gun gives the illiuson that your target is safe....

Faerie magicks don't usually screw up tech, mostly because they can't effect steel/iron. Though mortal magic isn't the only thing to screw up tech, the Grendalkin's certainly did and I think the skinwalker's did too.

*meanders off to a corner to hide*

Chee actually brings up the exact reason you're going to get "strange" results with a combination like this. While non-mortal magic doesn't screw with technology, iron (steel) and fae magic don't mix well at all. Which isn't to say that you can't have a faerie magic gun (I'm all about player agency here), only that I'm definitely going to be compelling your gun aspect once in a while when I think it will either be funny, more challenging, or dramatically appropriate.

I'm not here to stomp on your fun or anything, and I figure Alicia will have the skills to make some sort of really unique gun that will work with the magic, but I do want to speak to the way magic works in the world at least a little bit. There won't be constant compelling going on, but it will pop up once in a while. And of course you'd be more than free to self-compel for those delicious fate points.

That's why I like compels - they're not totally hard and fast. You can always refuse for a fate point and I'm not a dick about them or anything. It's just a way to add flavor, not a way to make the game less fun.

Oh, and for the record, I absolutely love the idea of "holstering as the illusion of safety" concept. Something about that just feels so very awesome to me.

But hey, we can stuff all that magic into the gun if that's what you want. It will certainly make my job more entertaining, anyway.

Hmn, what if she DID exchange everything about the gun to other metals rather than steel? Though, if you want to keep the compel-ableness of it, I'm fine with it.

Ruben, I had forgotten I had intended it in the previous milestone, can I swap Investigation and Presence around?

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