Alissa Jordan-Wright

On the Aspect: maybe "It just comes to me" (could mean trouble, love, guys, whatever... Compellable and invokable )

White court seems pretty apt, though I'd suggest against being saved by an NPC when you have several PCs who could do that much more apt. However, I think that in your novel your character should take a much more active role than being a damsel in distress. Alissa is clever and has a lot of pluck - she wouldn't win a straight up fight but she could well have used her wits instead. In fact, "Brains over Brawn" would be a fitting aspect for said novel.

I don't see a custom stunt called Online Contacts. What does it do? Can't really approve something I don't know anything about.

Hmn, hadn't really thought about it on that level. About using PCs, I had thought that a straight White Court vamp would be too tough for any of them to tackle... But sure, nothing means they have to face with it straight-out.

Simply asking would have made me edit the first post, Ruben. :P

Ah, but you can have White Court Vampire underestimate her, and beat them at their own game. A white court vampire rarely stoops to violence unless forced, so you can socially or intellectually best them, with some difficulty.

@Ruben: it's at the bottom of the wikipage. My updated sheet and stuff is actually there, really.

@Letho: liked your idea and changed the aspect to "It Just Comes to Me"... it kind of overlaps with Unwilling Femme Fatale now, though. xD

Edit: Have an idea. Wait for it. :P

But WAY easier to compel and invoke, it's not really that much of an overlap. And hey, you're a mortal, you'll be invoking aspects in pairs XD

Originally Posted by Silverkiss View Post
@Ruben: it's at the bottom of the wikipage. My updated sheet and stuff is actually there, really.
It's a personal preference thing, honestly. And I realize you would have edited yourself, but I figured why not cut out the middleman? I just personally like having the character threads in the actual thread, so that when I'm talking about said character I don't have to keep going back and forth between pages. It's more convenient and easier for me.

Also, the stunt is approved. I think that's entirely reasonable, though I will state that the information you gather using the stunt will be rather different than information you use with actual contacts.


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