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Yeah, problem was that I was trying to stay away from guns or Lore, because the former isn't much to her concept (beginning to pick it up now that she knows what she has to face, yes, having skill... not so much) and the latter because I didn't want to intrude in the knowledge of the magic-related characters. It would make sense for her to have some Lore backings (for true stuff she found in the middle of garbage), but I didn't want to create a competition with more than one character with the same high skills.

I'm only starting Dead Beat, so I may have not come across examples of mortals kicking ass yet... Because yeah, Murph has been strong so far, but only as a distraction/one-time thing, afterwards being totally trashed.... Unless my memory fails me.

You don't need lore. You can use say, Alertness to "notice" something and create an enviromental aspect. Or maybe use Presence/Rapport to use a maneuver of "Distracted" on an enemy. Or raise morale on somebody. Or use the environment yourself somehow. It's all in making a great story out of things

Yeah yeah, just saying alternatives

Although it's not hard to justify an average lore for her, and as one of the lore-monkeys, I don't mind an extra hand

Have to review my list of stunts... Thoughts?

Originally Posted by Stunts
Lush Lifestyle
Capable Researcher
Quick Eye
Sex Appeal
Paranoid? Probably
On-line Contacts
I'm thinking on losing Sex Appeal, and perhaps Capable Researcher as well.

Ruben, what do you think of a custom stunt:

I'm Just Beautiful
People that are attracted to your gender naturally gravitate towards you. When rolling Presence to establish a passive reaction to you (Charisma) and the other person is attracted by females, make the roll at +3.

Basically, Personal Magnetism but at +3 instead of +2, and with a restricted target instead of everyone.

I do agree that you have perfect justification for an Average Lore skill. She'd have found at least that much true stuff on the internet. I also think "I Use What I Have" as a great aspect. Could be useful for all sorts of things.

As for the stunts, while Sex Appeal does fit the overall concept I can't see you getting much use out if it with your character's personality. It would probably be easy to drop. Capable Researcher is actually pretty useful if you need to find things in a pinch, but it might potentially be duplicated with a high enough roll.

If you're still interested in picking up a minor talent down the road (such as ghost speaker) I am still going to point out that Finely Tuned Third Eye would make a decent "mundane supernatural sense" sort of stunt. If you ever did develop powers down the line you could then drop the stunt to help pay for whatever minor power you actually ended up taking.

Can't you just use Alertness to detect the supernatural as well, though? If you can, then I'm already better with my own alertness (+4) than with Average Lore + the stunt (+3).

Also, thoughts on the custom stunt above? Fits better with the image of her, and being automatic, doesn't conflict with her personality like Sex Appeal did.

Edit: Oh wait my Alertness is +3. Even then it would tie out, though.

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