Alissa Jordan-Wright

Oohh, interesting. Oh, but story hook: I think I'll wait for Ulrik to appear in the game, and then somehow ask him to teach her crafting, and only in a milestone after that I'll get the Gunsmith stunt. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense for Alissa to spontaneously learn how to make weapons.

About the Hand Loader, great stunt too, but can I take it now as well (dropping something else), or would it be too much stuff at the same time?

(and now I mean by "the milestone after this current adventure")

You can totally take Hand Loader now if you want to do so.

Upon reviewing Alissa's mechanics, I've come to the conclusion that the stunts "On-line Contacts" and "Truth in Fiction" are no longer desirable, since her Scholarship has dropped to Average (+1). I'm also not so sure about "'It' Girl" now, either, since... well, I think the feeling I was going for (Alissa being beautiful) can be conveyed by role-playing, and not necessarily inbuilt into the mechanics.

I've also already dropped Lush Lifestyle and Quick Eye and replaced them by the Finely-Tuned Third Eye and Hand Loader stunts, as we had spoken earlier.

If I drop the other three stunts too, though (and if you're okay with me dropping them), it will bring Alissa's refresh to 6, allowing he to either take other stunts or having a literal crapload of Fate Points available. Viewing the book's stunts, the only one I think is mildly interesting for Alissa is Fast Reload, but I'm not so sure on that either.


Those changes are all fine with me, in addition to what we discussed via IM.

Tentative updated character sheet below.

Alissa Jordan-Wright
Pure Mortal; Up to Your Waist
Adjusted (Base) Refresh: 6 (9)
Current Fate Points: 6
High Concept
Supernatural Geek

"Am I Mad or Haunted?"

Other Aspects
My Parents were the Internet
Socially Awkward Beauty
"It Just Comes to Me"
"I Can Help!"
"I Use What I Have"

Physical: OOOO
Mental: OOO
Social: OOOO
Consequences: -
Superb (+5): Lore
Great (+4): Guns, Investigation
Good (+3): Presence, Endurance, Athletics
Fair (+2): Resources, Discipline, Driving
Average (+1): Conviction, Alertness, Scholarship

Your "sixth sense" that can perceive the presence of a supernatural "ick" factor (see page 135) is unusually sensitive for a pure mortal. Gain +2 to your Lore whenever using it as an Alertness substitute to pick up on the presence of the supernatural.
Finely-Tuned Third Eye
You may use Guns to make declarations (see page 116) about the type of ammunition you happen to be carrying on your person at any one time. For a fate point you may even declare that you're carrying very unusual ammunition, such as bullets cast from inherited silver or hollow points filled with holy water.
Hand Loader
You can roll Lore to avoid surprises (see Stealth, page 142) instead of Alertness.
Sixth Sense


Looks good, though Sixth Sense works on the Alertness skill, not Stealth. *grin*

Oh, and you get a +2 bonus to Refresh (Adjusted 8) not 3.

No, no, that's the rules for ambushes, which is what surprise counters. :P

I just worded it as the Avoiding Surprise trapping for Alertness is written, but if it's confusing, I can change it.

And 7 base refresh plus 2 from Pure Mortal yields a 9 base refresh, no? The number in parenthesis is the base refresh (which is 9, 7+2), while the number outside of the parenthesis is the adjusted refresh (9, -3 from stunts, 6). It's a bit confusing, perhaps, but adding another line would break the table formatting, and it was clear enough to me... I can change it, though.

No, you are right. I'm an utter idiot. I thought you guys were at 6 refresh for some stupid reason.

Another thought that I had for down the road, was that possibly Alissa's "madness" was actually whispers from the Lost Courts of the Fae, thus giving her some relation to them. She could become an Emissary/Knight for one of the Lost Courts, or something of the sort. (just a random thought I had while on the bath, lol)

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