Docking: Welcome to Vandammung

Docking: Welcome to Vandammung

The shuttle is dim and slightly claustrophobic. The FTL Catapult used to propel LSIR shuttles has taken to causing some turbulence on launch and, though you're now a few hours away from the Vandammung, light-speed always brings about a sharp headache to any non-frozen personnel.
The shuttle itself is the size of a small house, most of it taken up by a 25 ton cargo bay that runs along the bottom of the ship. The main personnel areas are the small cockpit, eight bunks lining the walls of the hallway from the cabin to the crew area, and a small lounge/mess hall.

Post whatever you're doing in the meantime. Just need to make sure we haven't lost anybody

Kismet's first order of business is to upload a copy of the Vandammung schematics into her data vault, and to see that everyone else is similarly prepared.

Marc grabbed a water and headed for the lounge/mess hall. He called down the corridor; Hey, everybody up! Mission brief in the mess hall in 5 minutes!", he bellowed.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes and strapping on his boots, Frank rose from one of the hallway bunks and headed for the mess hall, hoping the events to come would pass smoothly so he could collect his check and find a new floating rock to call home. A part of him, however, was hoping there'd be some excitement. He wished for a chance to really test himself, and an excuse to use some of the firepower he'd bought specifically for the expedition.

Kismet gingerly lays down the set of tools she's been steadily polishing, and saunters to the mess hall for the briefing.

Subject 20 heads to the mess hall.

The crew area is mostly a round table, two couches, three chairs, a kitchenette, and a holographic room wide computer interface

Marc walked over to the wide computer screen. "Kismit, could you bring up the ship's schematics and brief us as to where the critical areas are located. We can make a decision as to what we'll go after first when we see the floor plan. We should probably contact the Vandammung's A.I. afterwards. Frank, pay attention as you'll be leading the boarding party."

Kismet keys in a series of commands, and a large hologram of the Vandammung appears in the center of the room. It is a schematic view, with each different structural or electrical system denoted in a different colour. At present, it's a near-indecipherable mess, a dense polychromatic web. Kismet, who has been standing to one side of the room, wanders over to stand next to it. With a few deft strokes of her hands, she guts the hologram, sorting it into four different views of the Vandammung, each with a different set of sub-systems highlighted. "Okay," she begins "our primary salvage targets are: the cargo - at least 20 tonnes of the stuff. That's going to be here," (she gestures to a large set of bays which comprise the core of the Vandammung) "in these storage bays. Next, we need the non-sentient AI core - that's over here. Finally, we need three sets of files, which we shouldn't have a problem accessing as long as the computers are functioning. Our first objective will be to assess the integrity of the Vandammung's computers, and her power grid. That's going to tell us whether or not we need to go to Main engineering - here - to get the power up. As for the ship-wide network, if that's offline I suggest we make it a discretionary priority; even if I can get it up and running again, there's no guarantee the data the company wants will be intact when I do."

Kismet pauses for a second to collect herself.

The Vandammung is broken up into three main sectors: front (main command and crew areas), center (cargo, refinery, mining, and hangers), and rear (engineering). Most of the ship is accessible via monorail, but the system is easily jammed and sectors can be shut off from access. On the port side of the ship are gravity tethers used to attach the vessel to an extracted chunk of planet
Brief Guide of Vandammung


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