Docking: Welcome to Vandammung

Noting the two signs and knowing they are there to prevent a premature reactor breech, Marc lead the group to the "REACTOR AND CONTROL ROOM" in hopes that Kismit could work her magic. Upon reaching the door he went to it's opening mechanism and nodded at Frank. "I'll open, you two cover the entrance incase something comes out. Ready? Guns up, let's go..", he said in a hushed tone. With a 'yoink', he attempted to open the door to the core area.

Kismet holds her needle pistol ready in one hand, as the other rests upon the ominous, red switch of her plasma torch. Despite limited versatility, and a decided lack of subtlety, the torch had been an invaluable tool for Kismet on innumerable occasions. She knows that the torch could mean the difference between life and death; what she doesn't know is whether she'll be using it to get herself in, or to keep the monsters out. Doesn't matter either way, really.

"Ok, let's do this" she says, leveling her weapon at the door.

Beyond the door is a 20' long hallway, with two doors on the right, one on the left, and one at the end. The door at the end is labelled "To Reactor" and the one on the left is labelled "To Control". The other two doors are unlabelled, but the farther one continually opens and closes, likely due to the smashed keypad next to it.

"Well, that does seem to narrow down our options a bit." Kismet quips dryly. "Let's head on up to Control and get a sense of the situation..."

With her weapon still drawn, Kismet moves to cover the CONTROL door. She places her hand just a fraction of a centimeter above the door panel, keeping her body to the far side of the door itself. She turns to Marc.

"Whenever you're ready" She says.

Marc had followed them up as they entered and like an oiled machine the first to the next door readied it as the other's took up position. "Ready.", he said as he brought his AK up to the high ready. With Frank just a half step behind, Marc steeled himself against whatever may or may not be behind the control room door.


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