Docking: Welcome to Vandammung

Kismet frowns. "Oh those bastards!" she curses, "The sentient AI cores aren't shown in these schematics....if Doctor Worm tags us as a threat, we're going to have to find him before we can try to cut off his access to the ship's defenses."

"Well..." Kismet begins, her hands once again moving to pare down the diagrams to reveal a dark shape with only one colour of highlights remaining - in this case a foreboding red-orange.

There are blast doors are positioned at various strategic locations, capable of sealing off entire sections of the ship. As for heavy equipment, the almost all of the center and rear sections of the ship could count. The AI also has control of life support and climate conditions, as well as automated security. Fortunately, there is a counter-balance AI on the Vandammung and there is a high likely hood that an AI can be cut off from a section due to damage to the network. As for actual weapons, the Vandammung is heavily armed, capable of taking on most pirates and raiders, as well as orbital bombardment for extracting chunks of planet for mining.

"...we're going to have to play a lot of this by ear. Before we get a good look at the two sentient AIs, anyone who wants to touch something electrical or mechanical - hell, pretty much anything besides the deck plating - onboard had better clear it by me first, got it?"

Subject 20 frowned. Are we certain it will even let us approach?

"Seemed like the party line was that the Balancing AI - the, uh, DEB system - would be on our side. The feeling I got from the corp AI in the briefing was that they don't want us mucking about in their pricey AI cores. I doubt we even have sufficient clearance for either system to grant us physical access."


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