Docking: Welcome to Vandammung

Kismet moves to leave for the shuttle's control room. "I'm going to get a reading on gravity, atmo, and radiation. I'll see all of you at the airlock in...?". She looks to Marc to set the pace.

"15 minutes.", he gave a nod to Kismit. "Let's not rush this people. We're going into an unknow vessel controlled by a malfunctioning computer. Expect EVERYTHING to go wrong at some point or another so don't get your feathers ruffled and above all DON'T PANIC! 20, you'll take point with me, followed by Frank. Kismit, you'll take up behind Frank and watch our ass. Frank, as the boarding party commander your tasked with ensuring our safety. If there's ANYTHING that doesn't jive with you or raises the hairs on the back of your neck, abort the mission and call us back to the shuttle where we can consolidate and regroup. Your first job will be to help Kismit secure our shuttle to the Vandammung. It will be pretty heartbreaking to find out the Good Doctor has jetisoned our ride outta here or damaged it in anyway. We'll do an Intel-update from Kismit when we all meet at the airlock to depart. Any questions? If not, move out.", Marc said in a thick German accent. He turned and went to get the rest of his things.

Gravity is at 92%, atmosphere is normal, radiation is minimal (yet present, the rad shields on the hull must be failing)

Well, that's a relief, Kismet thinks to herself. No internal radiation leaks.... She's not ready to risk compromising the shuttle's systems by linking them into the Vandammung. Can she, say, close off external access to the shuttle's computers with a firewall, or better yet just shut down any systems capable of receiving data while the shuttle is grounded?

With that done, Kismet goes to her bunk, and starts suiting up.

Outside of shutting down the shuttle's computer mainframe, no. There are already firewalls in place and safety regulations make it impossible to shut down the shuttle's external receivers without shutting down the craft completely.

Could Kismet initiate some kind of diagnostic for the purposes of "safety" ("I thought I saw some malfunctions in the shuttle mainframe, I had to be sure - honest!"), thus shutting down the shuttle comps for a while, or can she re-spec the firewall to disallow computer access from the Vandammung's computer?

It appears the there are no Worms in your systems. You do try your best to update the firewalls. You pray it works.

Marc waited at the airlock ready to count everyone out. He released the magazine from his rifle and pushed in on the bullets on top to check how far down they would go. The bullets on top barely pushed down a centimeter. Full. Good., he thought to himself. He replaced the magazine back into his rifle and checked over his gear while he waited. Most importantly he checked that everything that required batteries and that all equipment that needed them had fresh ones. Once everyone arrived Marc said; "Kismit, any updates? 20, I'll take point, flank me on whichever side fits you best. Everybody up? Frank, 4 out. Bring 4 back." At the last Marc reached over and slapped the large red button it open the airlock. The spinning yellow strobe light activated as well as a loud buzzing alarm. As the seal opened an audible rush of air passed out of the airlock as the immense Vandammung breathed it's newest visitors in. When the hatch was fully open Marc raised his rifle and nodded at 20 before he jumped outside the FTL shuttle. This is it, Game On!, he thought to himself as he moved forward to secure one side of the perimeter. From here on out Frank was in charge and gave directions to the boarding party. Marc would wait on security until told to move by the commander.

The shuttle pulls into a huge empty hanger. There are 20 docks, each big enough to hold approximately 30 shuttles, but all docks are empty except for a few maintenance drone shuttles. The power seems to be off, or at least dying; the landing beacons being the only provided light. At the far end of each dock is a decontamination zone and a security checkpoint, though you see no signs of life at any of them.
Seems like a good place to repeat the hanger description. Where and how long is the perimeter covered?

Kismet is wearing the same vacc suit you saw half of back in the briefing room. It's almost skin-tight, but it's no catsuit; she's attached just about every conceivable size of pocket and tool-belt to the suit over the years she's been using it. By now it looks more batman than catwoman.

At her hip, she's slung a company-standard flechette pistol. She looks like she could probably use it, if she had to.

"The readings are fine for now, but the Vandammung...her radiation shields are going to fail. Let's not still be here when they do." She says, with a note of sadness.

Kismet is looking all around the hangar. She's not entirely sure what she's looking for. Maybe signs of escape, struggle, mechanical failure? As she does so, she speaks softly, asking "What happened here?"

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