Sshamath - Jon's Quest

Sshamath - Jon's Quest

As the nobles and affliates of house Aleander exit the city, they head down a long, narrow path. The roof of the Cavern begins to slope down, until it is only just above their heads.

Abruptly, the passage flares out, into a circular area, a complete dead end. The two minions at the back dismount, and turn to guard the passage, one having to sit, but completely filling it.

Once the guards are in place, Beldin gathers everyone together, and teleports you all to just outside Sshamath. Time is short, and you must find the information, and the sword quickly.

Hopping off of the riding lizard, The Tinkerer pulls out a staff from one of the many bag's of holding. As they are teleported to the outskirts of the city. He checks his pockets and bag's to make sure he hadn't dropped anything. Taking out his walking cane, a black shaft topped with a mythril orb for a handle, he turns to the others.

"Does anyone have contacts here, are we arranged with a contact or shall we just hit the taverns and alley's for information?"

Removing his magical hat, the most alien member of the group sends a telepathic message to everyone in attendance.

I can't say that I have any extant contacts here, but it won't be hard to extract some information from whatever sources we find.

Shuddering in spite of himself, The Tinkerer turned to the illithid.

"A string of bodies with no brains would not really that is easy to be descriet with. I pose a more, mundane method myself."

The illithid makes a gesture that you think might be one of glee

Ahhh... If only you knew the half of it...

I am certain that our betentacled friend here is capable of more subtlety than that. Veir looses his greatsword in its scabbard and otherwise readies himself to enter the strange city. Honored Sister, know you that Sshamath is a vile and blasphemous city that does not embrace Lolth, might you prefer to ride along unseen?

paging LKA!

Veldrizyne glances at her brother and fingers her scourge for a moment before replying.

I believe you may be correct, little brother. Her Scourge of fangs
drops three lashes, which fade into mist and dissipate before touching stone, and it is suddenly sized for a huge creature
changes as the real Vel'drizyne exits the whip into the ethereal before coalescing in the prime. The Spider-Fiend looks upon those gathered before beckoning Veir and the Mindflayer to approach. Za'al'kho'xyl shall accompany my brother, while I go with the Haszak.

Vel'drizyne has SLAs and Divine Casting, while Za'al'kho'xyl has SLAs and Psionics

As the priestess and her companion melt into their new "chariots" a group of male drow, dressed in fine armour, all in uniform ride towards the Party.

The leader calls out for the group to identify itself.

Vel'drizyne settles comfortably within the aberration. She would seem entirely unnoticable to the creature except in that his mind seems to expland slightly, and things seem to snap into focus.

Is this a standard Sshamath patrol or part of a House?
Knowledge (nobility and royalty): 21
Dice Roll: 1d20+11
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 21)
+4 Profane bonus to Int
+4 Profane bonus to Con

Veir silently holds his arms out to the sides to show a lack of hostility and waits for the patrol to near. They must be close to the city itself if they are willing to hail verbally.

Greetings brothers.


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