Sshamath - Jon's Quest

"Greetings, I am Belath, Captain of the Guard... Now, I have identified myself, would you and your companions be so kind as to do the same?" his tone is gentle, and unassuming, but completely counter to his bearing, as his hand rests on the hilt of his sword.

Apologies for what I am about to say, dear sister. Veir steps forward to meet with the Captain, signifying himself as leader of his small party. I am Veir'iliv Aleandar of House Aleandar from far off Menzoberranzan. These are my men. We would ask admittance to your city to restock our supplies and to experience the joys that your city has to offer. Veir looks hopeful, even a male loyal to his Matron and Goddess would love a vacation in Sshamath, away from meddlesome females. And not for the first time he is glad of the wards preventing his mind from being read against his will.

Male drow probably flock to Sshamath on a pretty regular basis, some even survive the trip

"Not many of your brethren come here... they fear the females will see it as a sign of treason. But we are always glad to welcome our brothers. If it is joys you are looking for, you are in luck. Today there is a bardic tourny taking place, with famous bards from across the underdark. Most are performing at the Gilded Spider, left passed the gates, Southwest corner of the city walls.

The city has many laws, but most we share with your own society. But two you should be aware of, Weapons are not to be drawn inside the city walls, Magic is not to be cast within the walls without a permit.

Enjoy your stay."
with a strange smile, he steps aside, and motions the group through, before resuming his post.

The illithid thinks to "himself" and "his" guest.

Good thing I don't plan on using any magic or weapons.

Gthshulaj follows the rest of the group into the city, while using his mindsight to keep a mind's eye out for any threats or watchers that might be interested in the entourage.

Veldrizyne and Za'al'kho'xyl ride along, eager to be on with this mission. I suggest we find a tavern.

Veir leads the way into Sshamath. The male gives an outward appearance of calm and certainty, but is ready to draw at a moment's notice.

Some description Jon?

As the group moves into the city, they can see the buildings of the market rising up to meet them. High overhead, the colleges and homes for the wealthy and powerful hang from the cavern ceiling.

While the main road appears full of travellers and merchants, most of the other side streets appear almost deserted.

After the group gets near to the center of town, they begin to see signs claiming different bars and restaurants are hosting bards and story tellers from all over the underdark. Each seems to have their own specialties, some focusing on stories of ancient history, of the Land Above, before the Drow came to the Underdark, while others focus on myth and legend.
right near the end of the wall, there is a sign claiming to have "the worlds greatest bard", who "tells tales of recent history, and delves into the wars at the Black Tower."


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