Sshamath - Jon's Quest

Dear brother, why do I feel as though that was aimed at me? Mock anger resonates through the telepathic link.

And so our heroes wait for the appointed time and then meet with the Bard.

Reluctantly accepting the decision, for now, Gthshulaj joins the rest of the party in the back room.

A moment later, the bard walks in. from up close you can tell he is a LOT older then he appeared on stage. the makeup that carefully concealed this has been stripped away by hours of work, and as he sits and grabs a cold drink he looks at the group...

"your little friend said you might have work for me?"

Yes, we are looking for an object of interest to our matron and as a well-traveled minstrel, you might be able to help us in this matter.

"I might be able to help, I have heard of a lot of things. What is it you're looking for"

Fearing any hidden eavesdroppers, Gthsulaj mentally relays the intelligence on the Warblade that Matron Aleandar had shared with them.

As I'm sure you understand, complete discretion is required on your part, of which your failure to uphold will come at a price. To emphasize his point, he casually wipes some of the dripping fluids from his tentacles.
However, success and secrecy will earn you a reward from our matron.

"Of course, The blade you're talking about was lost decades ago during the last war with the cursed sunlovers. It is fortunate you found me as I have spent the last 50 years searching for this blade, or at least its location... "

Pausing for a moment, he pulls a tattered piece of paper out of his bag, "I have made this Map where the red X marks what I believe to be the location of the Swords Tomb. I will sell it to you for the low low price of a promise. One of you must return to me, and allow me to gaze on the blade, while you tell me how you got it.

It will most likely be a great and harrowing adventure story, and I want to be the one to first tell it.

Do we have a deal?"

The illithid scrutinizes the map and the bard, searching for any deception in his words or intent.

Sense Motive+Inquisitor Feat:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 37)

Add +3 to that result, I forgot to calculate my newest feat.

(sorry for the delay, was in DC for business)

The man appears sincere in his desire to see the sword, and know the story behind its finding.


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