Attack on Veir


at top of round comes out of delay(before Vier) takes 5 foot step to open window and fires at Vier where he is 30 feet from E1 and E2.

Retaliation [General]
You can strike an opponent if they miss you in combat.
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus 3+, Combat Reflexes
Bonus: Whenever a melee attack misses you in combat by 5 or more, you may make an immediate counter attack at your best melee attack bonus. This counts as one AOO.

does that stack with RB? if not then i take RB and will replace that feat.

Can i use immediate between his swings, as if he is pounding me you relieve each hit, then after hit 3 i use an immediate or is it immediate before his attack resolves?

i cleared it with you..... ok well RB it is then i choose another feat cant see any that will make a diff in this combat but will start to look anyways, o wait i take overchannel, give me a way to boost my PP usage to 16

Drow of the underdark

Oh, wait. nevermidn. That feat is fine. I don't know how I missed the (by 5 or more) clause. I only saw that it was far easier to get than RG.

So you can use one of...
* Karmic Strike
* Retaliation
* Robilar's Gambit

So how ya been? Its been pretty hectic around here lately.

not bad, my toy shop job has not given me enough hours so going to a bar manager interview on monday so if get what will be working 5 days a week.

WHat you been up to your been MIA past week.

So guess we now wait for Vier's reply to the attack rolls, poison saves and effect and ect?

hey BTW there is +4 on those arrow attacks now i dont need the phasing so 42 is lowest attack

Also remember my AOO as he moves towards me 8 each of us so 16 attacks IF he keeps moving 80 feet towards us. I will wait to roll them incase something else happens

Dice Roll: 1d10+11
d10 Results: 8 (Total = 19)

Dice Roll: 1d10+11
d10 Results: 6 (Total = 17)

Dice Roll: 1d10+11
d10 Results: 2 (Total = 13)

there you go cant find other rolls :0

so e2 winks out when he get within range with his NPF and on his 1st attack after it is resolved i move back 10 feet after my AOO from RB away from him, so you need to ask how close he moves into range of me before attacking. I move back 10 feet after each of his attacks.

BTW i DO have a rock with me now that i traded in that lesser feat of RB so just means archer didnt take the dmg from big bang.

So guess just waiting to see if taking 32 str takes down Vier now(he does gets saves i guess heh)

BTW AC is 43 ATM

Wait do you mean

+1: You do not provoke an attack of opportunity for entering an opponent's square.

allows him to move without AOO? hmmm he is not entering my square, he is moving towards me big difference. As worded means he can ENTER MY square and not get AOO, moving TOWARDS ME is not entering my square.


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