Attack on Veir

If he hadn't of tumbled, yes. I had told him hsi Juggernaut feat made the tumbling redundant. lol. Just let him know otherwise.

blea tumbling is so broken wish you were using option of +BAB to base of 15 then it might even fail once in a while, plus while flying just seems odd

So whats the 1st attack on me then? give it to me remember no Power attack bonus to dmg.

How close did he get BTW

i thought he rolled them all in the thread no? i cant see it them but i thought he did cause he said he didnt think he needed to roll all his attacks which meant he had already rolled them someplace

Guess i find out if the AMF and poison arrows worked as well

39; 16str; 23piercing
38; 6str; 21p
46; 10str; 17p

+4 to all arrows were not added in.

: I need more explaination on where you're putting that AMF Arrow and when...

Before his turn top of round

as i said BEHIND him so that he is in the AMF but if moves forward 5 feet is out of it so if it is 10 rad then it is 5 feet behind with his square being covered.
that is as clear as i can be, note he is not aware of the attack so i cant see him being able to do anything with deflecting arrows or any cheese like

also AFTER his turn owl comes out of delay and drop a fog effect over E1 blocking LOS

Also E1 and E2 are looking over the roof, and have cover all they need is LOS so they dont need to stand up in full view either.

from old post:

I am on top of P4 he comes out of B8 and attack him at c5, each sq is 10 feet. Archer is inside building of M1 with a window facing Ealith so they can have LOS for effects. He chosen this house cause its inside a busy shop so there are people coming and going and staff come onto 2nd floor for stock. If you can dl this file and repost it without my flicker tag as you can see who owns the account, i can email you the file if give me your email.

I am at q6 now Vier is 30 feet north from his flight at top of map in shop at 1st building. 30 feet puts him within the street nearby other buildings, its a city there are objects i should be able to use to target the arrow, unless you rule there is NOTHING in the area i can use to hit OTHER than him then action changes to:

both owl and archer come out of delay at top of round. Owl flies up(got 90 feet move) and drops a disk and archer
Dice Roll: 1d20
d20 Results: 7
fires at disk. Archer hits the disk, solves problem then?

I believe that is a AC 30 so even taking anything into account i still hit the disk, and the owl got enough speed to go up 60 feet and 15 feet closer(from 20 feet back from vier) then drop disk to be on safe side He can even tumble if he only needs 45 movement(nothing in rules can says you can tumble and fly if he can do it so can i)

Sorry man going to bed so i hope that is enough info to get a result for when i get up


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