Attack on Veir

so whats the story do i hit him with AMF or not?

Uh, with the Owl + disk + etc, the AMF should be fine.

Veir AC in AMF/NPF is hit, arrow deal physical damage. Veir is immune to Poison (ex).
nevermind, I see you guys continued on without me.

A "booboo": Bloodwind does not allow AoOs. It makes your natural weapons act as Ranged up to 20ft (40ft with widen?). It even says in the spell description... "this spell does not actually grant reach, and so does not help provide a flanking bonus or allow the subject to make attacks of opporunity at any range greater than normal"

Not sure how I managed to forget that... I have used Bloodwind to great length in tabletop.

doesnt matter he tumbled remember so can you check with the Null field when you got a moment Vier said this when i asked about it

Widen power?

I didnt. I used metashape to make it a 30' spread, then used Mystical Expanse to double the result.

it would be the equivalent of adding both Maximize and Empower to a spell/power.... which is done constantly and allowed.


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