Walking home

Walking home

It had been a long day, and Veir had a lot to think about. He also had a few stops to make. His way home was winding, while he stopped by a few local shops to pick up some things, before ducking down the back streets to head home. Fame wasnt all it was cracked up to be, and he had thinking to do, and wanted to be alone.

It does not take Jys'aere Hlarret and her entourage long to leave Veir's view.

After Jys is out of sight, Veir heads for the first shop, a metals dealer, to pick up some supplies

The merchant from early that day thinks he sees Vier enter a shop on his way back to his own shop in Manyfolk, not wanting to meet him again he rushes past the shop and continues on his way home.

He stops and thinks more, it is hard enough to find a weapon master in the city, and one as great as Vier comes along rarely so he turns around and enters the shop hoping his offer is enough to wash away the earlier misunderstanding they had at dinner.

Veir sees the creature from before enter and nods. He finishes placing an order for more Black Steel with the merchant, and turns to leave.

The merchant enters and bows to Vier "I saw you on my way home wanted to apologize for the misunderstand earlier. I hope i have not offended you too much and i would like to offer you what i was going to at dinner if you would allow me." He nods to the merchant, this is where they get their iron for their own weapons.

"It is not my offense you need to worry about. I was merely doing what I must for a Priestess" Veir doesnt sound harsh, just very... casual.

"I would be happy to see what you have for me"

He bows again. "I have heard you prowess in combat and thought who better to be equipped with one of my weapons than the greatest weapon master in the city." He eyes Vier blade to see if it is made of metal and if he can tell what kind.

Veirs sword appears to be jet black. its hard to make out more then that, because looking at it is like looking at your hand in a room without light.

"You have a weapon for me?" Veir sounds intrigued.

"I was going ask what weapon you use the most so we can custom make a weapon for you. The weapon would allow you to collect the soul of the person you kill to be traded to well me for items of power. All i ask for this is if anyone asked where you got the weapon you give our shop name, nothing more. We can make any melee weapon you like. We could change your weapon there into a soul storing weapon but the metal properties would be lost, and it looks like the metal is not standard."


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