Walking home

"Far from standard. and I would not be separated from
sword name, means Shadow Soul
Zaknilm either way.

However, I do need a new Dagger. My last was... lost... by a foolish underling."
Veir gives quick specs for the proper hand grip, as well as blade shape he would like.

"When will it be ready?"

The merchant thinks " About a week, unless you want a strange dagger, i can send you one tomorrow, but to make one worthy of your status it will take about a week." he smiles. "Can i ask the properties of said metal" eying your sword," maybe i should look into making weapons from that as well."

"You can ask, but i have no intention of answering" Veir says with a laugh. "A week will be sufficient, you can bring it to house Aleander. The guards will expect you in 7 days. Is there anything else?"

"Is there anyone else in your house that would be interested in buying my weapons? If so send your order to the shop and i will put a rush on it for you."

"I do not know, make an impressive blade and I am sure you will get other orders from the house. If that is all, I shall see you at our gates in a week. The guards will expect you."

The tiger headed man pauses "Hmmm will i be required to enter the house to deliver it directly to you hands, i find that entering noble compounds can be shall we say dangerous for us non drow and would rather try to keep my skin intact, no offense meant."

"none taken, you do not know me... You have my word, you will not be harmed. I will meet you at the gates, but yes, you will have to come inside."

"From what i have heard from you, your word is enough for me to trust you, i will see you in 1 week. If you wish to come to the shop to see any more items you are more than welcome." He gives you the address of the shop, which is nearby from where you stand now.

"I shall see you then. If I get time, I shall try and make it to your shop. Fare thee well" Veir says, before turning and walking away... he had a lot of places to be...

Tigerhead man watches Vier leave the shop with a smile on his furry face.


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