Main Arena Ruleset

Main Arena Ruleset

Rules for All Gladiators
  • All gladiators will be Gestalt Characters.
  • Max HP at every level.
  • ECL 10 ~ 40 Point Buy ~ 50,000 GP
  • As per normal Gestalt rules, only one prestige class may be taken at a time.
  • Level Adjustments and Racial HD must be taken on a single "side" of the gestalt.
    But see below.
  • When constructing the Gestalt, Racial HD are applied first, and then "empty" LA levels are added.
  • Acquired Templates do not need to be taken at character creation and may be utilized throughout a gladiator's career. However, if a template is greater than +1 LA, the full benefits of the template are only gained when the entire LA is completed.
  • All monstrous HD, templates, LA, etc. must be able to be completed in 20 levels (or less). Once you start a race and/or template, you must complete it before taking any other levels in another class, race or template.
  • Saves and BAB will not be calculated fractionally. Take the best progression of both at each level of the gestalt build.
  • Exact progression choices must be listed in the Notes section of each character sheet, like this:
  • All gladiators will fight five (5) fights per day, then they will level up.
  • At the end of each day, any active spells or spell-like abilities active on a gladiator, and their equipment, are automatically dispelled.

Character Creation - Point / Component StructureAll gladiators will be constructed using a point or component structure. Each gladiator will have ten (10) component points to use at the time of character creation. Once a component is allocated or spent, it can never be changed.
1 Point / Component
  • Any base class that does not gain access to 9th level spells or powers.
  • Any prestige class that does not advance casting or manifesting.
  • Any template or race with any racial HD and/or a level adjustment that does not have innate spellcasting or manifesting ability.
    +0 LA templates such as Dragonborn do not cost a component.
  • Increase starting level to 12. (Starting GP will be 89,000.)
  • Reduce the LA of a single base creature or single template by half, rounded down.
    • This will always reduce LA by a minimum of 2.
    • This option may be used a maximum of two times per creature and/or template.
    • Do not even try to combine this with Incarnate Construct.
  • Gain access to an additional source from the single point list.
    All gladiators automatically begin with access to PHB I & II, DMG I & II, MIC, and a single Monster Manual of their choice as well as three (3) other sources from the approved source list below.
  • Place racial HD and LA on opposite sides of the gestalt.
  • Gain two bonus feats that you qualify for at your starting level.
    One feat must be taken from your chosen sources, one feat may (but does not have to be) be taken from any single point source on the approved list.
  • Increase to 50 point buy.
    Trying to combine this with the option below of gaining a component by reducing your point buy will lead to dire consequences. You have been warned.
  • Play a race that has LA (Cohort).
    Any race with LA and/or HD costs at least 1 component. If a creature has only cohort LA, it can be played for the cost of an additional point.
2 Points / Components
  • Any base class that can eventually gain access to 9th level spells or powers.
  • Any prestige class that advances casting of a base class with access to 9th level spells or powers.
  • Any template or race with any racial HD and/or a level adjustment that has innate spellcasting or manifesting ability.
    At no point can the innate casting actually exceed your gladiator's HD and/or ECL. Example: At level 10, a trumpet archon casts as a level 10 cleric, not level 12 as indicated in its statblock.
  • Increase starting level to 14. (Starting GP will be 151,000.)
  • Gain access to an additional source from the double point list
    All gladiators automatically begin with access to PHB I & II, DMG I & II, MIC, and a single Monster Manual of their choice as well as three (3) other sources from the approved source list below.
  • Gain access to an additional source not already on the single or double point list (requires DM approval)
  • Start with 18 in all stats (prior to racial modifications)
3 Points / Components
  • Increase starting level to 16. (Starting GP will be 248,000.)
4 Points / Components
  • Completely remove the level adjustment from your base race or a single template.

Not all components need to be "spent" at character creation, but should still be accounted for in some manner. Example: Starting at ECL 10, but you do not plan on entering a certain prestige class until level 12. That component cost should still be allocated at the time of character creation.

Methods of Acquiring Additional ComponentsA gladiator may use these methods to acquire one (1) additional component. No method can be used to gain more than 1 additional point / component.
  • A gladiator may take a 20% reduction in GP (including starting GP and all future awards).
    This may not be combined with Vow of Poverty.
  • Reduce your point buy to 30.
    Any race / creature that lacks one or more ability cores (such as Undead), instead use 28 point buy.
  • Give up access to two of your three free sources.
    You cannot give up access to PHB I, PHB II, DMG I, DMG II, or your free Monster Manual.
  • Take no levels in any class or prestige class that provides access to spells above 4th level. Your race and/or templates cannot grant any spellcasting, nor grant spell-like or supernatural abilities that duplicate high level spells.
    This restriction applies to both sides of the gestalt. Low-tier classes (such as Binder or Warlock) are not affected by this restriction.
  • Reduce feat acquisition to levels 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20.
    This cannot be combined with any build that is mindless and thus would not be able to acquire feats. Nor can it be combined with Flaws or the worship of an Elder Evil or any other method of otherwise acquiring "Free" feats. Class bonus feats are, of course, still acceptable.
  • Commit to keeping one side of the gestalt a pure 20 levels of a non-spellcasting focused base class.
    20 levels of Duskblade would be allowed, as would 20 levels of Adept. Classes like Paladin, Ranger or Hexblade (whose sole focus is not casting) would also be acceptable.

Using Races Greater Than ECL 10You may use races / creatures that have a greater ECL than 10, however you do not gain the majority of the benefits of the higher ECL race until you attain the level needed to fully complete their racial HD and LA.

For example, you could start as a War Troll, but you would not gain all of the War Troll goodies until you finally attain level 18. At that time you would become a fully powered up War Troll.

What you gain until you complete your creature’s full ECL are:
1) Any penalties to stats, this includes the complete lack of a stat (such as the CON for Undead). You do not gain stat bonuses.
2) The type and subtype of your creature.
3) The natural size and reach of your creature.
4) Any vulnerabilities the creature might have (eg. Sunlight, extra damage from fire, etc.)
5) Mundane movement modes (Land speed,
Only if done with wings.
flight, burrow, swim, etc.) You do not gain 'special' movement modes like earth glide,
Like the grell's bouyancy.
wingless flight, etc.

As with constructing a regular gladiator, HD are taken first, followed by the LA, and must be contained entirely on one side of the gestalt.

Players may choose to create a Savage Species style "Monster Class" for any creature with an ECL greater than 10. Inherited templates may be included in this class progression, but Acquired templates cannot.
Level Up GP GainLevel 10 to 11 - 17,000
Level 11 to 12 - 22,000
Level 12 to 13 - 22,000
Level 13 to 14 - 40,000
Level 14 to 15 - 45,000
Level 15 to 16 - 52,000
Level 16 to 17 - 60,000
Level 17 to 18 - 75,000
Level 18 to 19 - 95,000
Level 19 to 20 - 110,000

Special Rewards Upon Properly Retiring a 20th Level GladiatorYour next single gladiator, can choose any two of the following character creation options:
  • Have eleven (11) components for creation purposes.
  • Have up to a maximum of three levels with simultaneous prestige classes.
  • Receive two bonus feats from any source on the allowed list that you meet the prerequisites for at the time of character creation (i.e. Level 10).
  • Start with an additional 50,000 GP.


All gladiators automatically begin with access to PHB I & II, DMG I & II, MIC, and a single Monster Manual of their choice, as well as three (3) other sources from the approved source list below.

Automatically Allowed Sources – Costing 1 Point / ComponentArms & Equipment Guide
Book of Exalted Deeds
Champions of Ruin
Champions of Valor
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane
Complete Champion
Complete Divine
Complete Mage
Complete Psionic
Complete Scoundrel
Complete Warrior
Deities & Demigods
Dragon Magic
Dragons of Eberron
No Sovereign Archetypes.
Drow of the Underdark
Eberron Campaign Setting
No Action Points
Epic Level Handbook
Ignore all mention of ECL and/or Level Adjustment on pages 155-156.
Expanded Psionics Handbook
Explorer’s Handbook
Five Nations
Font of Inspiration
Forge of War
Heroes of Battle
Heroes of Horror
Lords of Madness
Lost Empires of Faerun
Magic of Eberron
Magic of Faerun
Magic of Incarnum
Manual of the Planes
Miniatures Handbook
Monster Manual I
Monster Manual II
If any creature has been updated in a later book, the newest edition of the creature must be used (eg. Grell).
Monster Manual III
Monster Manual IV
Monster Manual V
Shaedlings cannot create magic items with their ability. So don’t even bother asking.
Monsters of Faerun
No Maulgrym!
Oriental Adventures
Planar Handbook
Players Guide to Eberron
Players Guide to Faerun
Races of Destiny
Races of Eberron
Races of Faerun
Races of Stone
Races of the Dragon
Races of the Wild
Savage Species
If any creature has been updated in a later book, the newest edition of the creature must be used (eg. Half-Ogre).
Secrets of Sarlona
Secrets of Xen’drik
Spell Compendium
Tome of Battle
Tome of Magic
Unearthed Arcana
No Action Points, Bloodlines, Generic Classes or Item Familiars.
Weapons of Legacy

Automatically Allowed Sources – Costing 2 Sources / ComponentsArcane Duelist
Dragon Compendium
No Dvati!
Elder Evils
Exemplars of Evil
Libris Mortis
Vestige: Zceryll

Automatically Disallowed SourcesBook of Vile Darkness
Dragon Magazine
Dungeon Magazine
Fiend Folio
Fiendish Codex I
Fiendish Codex II

You may request one additional source that is not on this list, however doing so costs you the use of two points / components. These will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Special Rules for the Arena
  • All errata and FAQ rulings apply.
  • Rules Compendium will trump FAQ (and other sources) when a conflict occurs.
    The DM reserves the right to trump Rules Compendium. Sometimes it is... dumb.
  • We will not be using actions points (ECS or UA), Taint (from HoH) or any other variant game mechanic.
  • No alignment changes are allowed.
  • No Leadership or Thralls.
    Occasionally a feat or PrC will require Leadership as a pre-req. In those instances you are allowed to take the feat, you just receive no benefit from it.
  • Animal Companions, Special Mounts, & Familiars can enter the ring, but it takes a full round to call them into the ring once the fight has begun.
  • Class features like caster level, manifester level, and initiator level will be calculated by the narrowest definition of "overlap" in classes. This means, for example, that no tricks can be used to boost caster level above character level by means that would not also function outside of a gestalt build.
  • Classes with advancement of other class features can only advance base classes, not prestige classes.
  • By using a move action, any gladiator can request assistance from the Arena God and learn the exact location (i.e. square) of a hidden, invisible, or otherwise undetectable opponent.
  • By using an Immediate Action, any gladiator can request the Arena God to identify any spell, invocation, spell-like ability, supernatural ability, manuever, etc. that is being utilized by an opponent at that moment. If an opponent is using multiple abilities, the Arena God will give information about only one of them, chosen at random.
  • Free actions may not be performed within readied actions or AoO’s, apart from those inherent in the prepared action itself (e.g. the touch attack to grapple, or the preparation of spell components for a spell).
    You can still make a 5' step as part of a readied action, but the description of the readied action must specifically include mention of taking that step.
  • A standard action may henceforth be used to make a swift action as desired.
  • The winner of each fight will gain 5,000 GP. The loser will gain only 2,500 GP.
  • In between fights all hitpoint and ability damage is healed, ability drain, negative levels, etc. are removed, as are any other negative conditions (fatigued, stunned, etc.).
  • Spells, powers and effects with a time measured in hours per level (or longer) can already be active prior to fights and prep rounds. Any spell, power or effect with a duration less than that must be activated in prep rounds. (Even if an effect is measured in 10 minutes per level and you cast it with CL 30 so it would be in force 300 minutes at a time, it must be done in prep rounds.)
  • Gladiators may enter the arena with a maximum of two (2) spells, powers, spell-like abilities, psi-like abilities, or supernatural abilities currently active.
    Certain races have (Su) or (Sp) abilities that are "always on", such as the pixie’s invisibility. These do not count against the limitation.
  • Leaving the map via interplanar travel is not allowed, nor is forcibly teleporting / plane shifting your enemy away from the arena. Blink and similar temporary effects (lasting 1 round or less) are allowed.
  • Death by Massive damage is still possible, but instead of the threshhold being 50 points of damage, it is an amount of damage equal to 5 x CON Score (not modifier). The save is still DC 15.
  • There are never any XP penalties from multi-classing.
  • Your sheet must be completely accurate and may not "lie". If it is not on your sheet, you do not have it.
    However, prepared spells, readied manuevers, etc. can be kept secret. So you must show all the manuevers, spells, powers, etc. that you know, but what you actually prepared that day can be secret if you wish.
  • Any spell, item, power, ability, condition, etc. that affects a 'box' on your sheet must be updated and accurate. Even though there is no box for it, Spell Resistance (SR) and any changes to it must also be indicated on your sheet.
    For example, if you cast See Invisible, it does not have to be on your sheet, as there is no "mechanical" effect. But if you cast Haste, your sheet must reflect that fact as it affects your AC, Reflex Save, etc.
  • Surrendering, committing suicide, or otherwise acting in a cowardly way that deprives the spectators of a show will result in loss of the battle, an award of 0 GP, and the fight does not count towards attaining your next level. In other words: You must fight.
  • If you do not post within 48 hours of when your opponent finishes their turn, you automatically forfeit the match. If you know you will be absent for an extended period of time, you may ask your opponent if he is willing to pause the match, but he does not have to accept.
  • No actions will be assumed, everything must be stated.
    Just because your tumble modifier is +30, you still need to state 'I tumble past the ogre!' if you want to avoid AoO's.
  • When rolling for miss chance (1d%), a low roll is always bad and a high roll is always good.
  • Tutorial on Cover
  • When a class ability, feat, etc. indicates you can do "a" thing or "an extra" etc., this shall imply only a singular instance is possible.
    Abilities & Feats directly affected by this interpretation:
    Arcane Strike - You can sacrifice only 1 spell.
    Artificer / Metamagic Spell Trigger & Completion - You can apply only 1 metamagic feat to the item.
    Factotum / Cunning Surge - You can gain only 1 standard action per round.
    Incantatrix / Metamagic Spell Trigger & Completion - You can apply only 1 metamagic feat to the item.
    This list is not exhaustive.
  • Troll's Grappling + Natural Attack Summary
  • Tome of Battle Q&A
  • No infinite anything. If you find a loophole that lets you gain unlimited access to "special ability X", consider it banned or amended.
  • When facing a foe that is two or more levels higher than you, the Arena God will provide assistance in the form of a spell cast upon you (or one of your items / weapons) during the prep round(s).
  • No Affiliations allowed.
  • Evedgebah's Stealth Resource
  • As an immediate action, a gladiator may close its eyes to avoid sight based impediments. They may take this action even while flat-footed. The gladiator's eyes remain closed for as long as they wish, or they may use a free action (on their turn) to open them. While their eyes are closed, a gladiator is considered to be blind.

Initiative and Prep Rounds
  • Initiative modifiers should be based upon permanent items or abilities, or buffs with a duration measured in either "hours per level" or "24 hours" (or longer).
  • Prep rounds are done after initiative has been rolled. Thus nothing done during a prep round can affect your initiative count, for better or worse.
  • Prep rounds occur inside of the arena. Thus effects or conditions created by magic can effect the first round(s) of combat.
  • Gladiators know who their opponent will be, what map they will be fighting on, and the specific map conditions (such as darkness, flooring material, etc.) prior to prep rounds taking place.
  • Gladiators may enter the arena with a maximum of two (2) spells, powers, spell-like abilities, psi-like abilities, or supernatural abilities activated prior to the prep rounds.
  • Spells or spell-like abilities cast, powers manifects, items activated, etc. have the prep rounds count against their total duration.
  • All fights will have 1 prep round prior to the fight commencing. A gladiator that has won initiative may choose to yield initiative to his foe for an additional 3 prep rounds for both parties.
  • Creatures summoned during prep rounds do not accompany you into the arena (this includes familiars, animal companions, special mounts, etc.).
  • You may begin casting spells with long casting times (measured in rounds, not minutes or hours) during prep rounds and complete the casting once you are within the arena.
  • All gladiators are under the effecits of a supernatural Indomitability effect for the first round of combat. Any hitpoint damage or ability damage / drain done on the first round of combat cannot reduce a gladiator’s HP or stat below 1.

Fight Considerations
  • A gladiator may fight a foe that is of his level, or up to two levels higher or lower.
  • A gladiator may fight up to two foes that are two levels below him.
  • There should be no more than a two level difference between gladiators unless the lower level gladiator specifically requests the fight.
  • If a level gap of two (or more) is present between gladiators, the lower level character shall receive the benefits of the Arena God spell.

Changes to Races, Monsters, Templates
  • The [Type] Pyramid from Savage Species is in full effect.
  • Acquired templates can never be taken as your first HD / level.
  • Lolth-Touched requires Chaotic Evil alignment and worship of Lolth.
  • Incorporeality does not exist in any way, shape or form.
    This does not mean that incorporeal creatures do not actually exist. So if you want to be a Ghost, go for it... you'll just have a corporeal body and a Strength Score. No, the LA will not be changed.
  • The Shadow Blend (Su) ability is hereby completely replaced by the Hide in Plain Sight (Su) ability of the Shadowdancer.
  • Advancing monster HD in order to cause a size increase is allowed.
  • Necropolitan template costs no XP but is instead +1 LA.
  • Acquiring Evolved multiple times counts as only 1 component. However, Evolved is capped at a maximum of ten (10) instances of the template.
  • Feral Template from Savage Species is now +2 LA, and all abilities are keyed off of Racial HD (not HD associated with class levels).
  • Jermlaine are modified to be +1 LA.
  • Silthilar are completely banned.
  • The half-dragon racial progression class from Races of the Dragon is not allowed.
  • Anyone / any race can take racial HD if you choose.
  • There is no cap to the number of racial HD you are allowed to take. However, you will never progress beyond the size indicated in the creature's statblock.
  • Anthropomorphic Animals (from Savage Species) listed as +0 LA are changed to +2 LA, all others gain +1 additional LA. (No change to the number of racial HD.)
  • Non-core Lycanthropes are always True Neutral.
    The Core lycanthropes are: Bear, Boar, Dire Boar, Dire Rat, Tiger & Wolf. These lycans can be any alignment they choose.
  • Haunt Shifts are completely banned.
  • No Learnean multiheaded creatures / templates allowed.
  • The Tauric template can only be used in conjunction with Animals & Vermin, not Magical Beasts. It is +2 LA.
  • Bladerager Trolls (MMV) count as wearing a special type of plate armor that has no max dexterity cap or armor check penalty.
  • Dragonwrought Kobolds are not True Dragons, nor can they qualify for Epic feats.
  • Any creature with tentacles may use that appendage to hold a single wand, staff, rod or similar implement. However, unless specifically contradicted by the creature's description, the tentacle cannot be used to wield a weapon, hold a shield, etc.
  • Incarnate Construct template can reduce LA, but never actually result in negative LA.
    You cannot apply the template to a standard Warforged and thus start out with a level 11 character. But you could apply it to a Warforged Charger to reduce it from ECL 8 to ECL 6.
  • Vecna-Blooded (MMV) creatures cannot be located by the Arena God by using only a move action, like other creatures. Due to their deific blood, it takes a standard action to locate these gladiators.
  • Sylph racial spellcasting ability as described on page 192 of MMII is completely replaced by the following:
  • Phaerrim racial spellcasting ability as described in the web enhancement for the Players Guide to Faerun (and possibly elsewhere) is completely replaced by the following:
  • Vampire template is reduced to +5 LA.
  • Any creature with Regeneration now has Fast Healing in its place.
  • Winged template from Savage Species is reduced to +1 LA.
  • The Half-Dragon template always grants wings, regardless of the base creature's size.
  • The Monster of Legend template (MMII) is hereby updated / replaced with this version.
  • The base animal or vermin used in conjunction with Lycanthropy or the Tauric template must itself be completely untemplated.
  • The Valkyrie found in Tome of Battle has its racial initiating ability removed. It instead gains the initiating ability (including manuevers and stances known) of a 10th level Swordsage. It gains no other Swordsage abilities without taking actual levels in the class.
  • No you cannot play a Sharn. Just asking causes you to lose 1 point / component permanently.
  • Any creature that has the innate / racial ability to take additional actions is automatically banned.
    Extra actions gained via class abilities (Factotum or Swiftblade for instances) are acceptable.
  • The Firre Eladrin can use its bardic music ability a number of times per day equal to its HD / level.
  • Any race or creature with innate casting, manifesting, or initiating does not increase that ability simply by adding racial HD, regardless of what might be stated in the creature's entry. To increase the innate ability, you must advance it through class levels (either a base class or prestige class).
  • No Symbiotic creatures allowed.
  • Unseelie Fey template is +2 LA.
  • Divine Rank 0 is treated as an inherited or acquired template that is +7 LA.
  • The clause in the multiheaded creature template as respects severing a head is replaced by the following:
  • The Lich has the following requirements:
  • The Dry Lich has the following requirements:
  • The Spectral Savant has the following requirements:
  • The following monsters from MMI gain a level adjustment as shown:

Changes to Classes and Prestige Classes
  • Feral Trance from Fist of the Forest is a free action to activate and can be done in the same action as raging, frenzying, shifting, etc.
  • All clerics must worship a real diety taken from one of your allowed sources.
  • The Unarmed Swordsage adaptation is not available
    Neither is the Arcane adaptation. Shame on you for even asking!
  • Lion Totem Barbarian pounce ability (from Complete Champion) only works while in a Barbarian rage.
  • Wu Jen may learn additional spells from the Spell Compendium as desribed on page 4 of that book.
  • Archivists can only learn adept, cleric and druid spells, not paladin and ranger only spells. In order to learn a 'domain only' spell (like the Spell domain's Anyspell), the Archivist must worship a diety that provides access to that domain.
  • Most feats and items that work for Wild Shape will also work for the Primeval Form for the Primeval PrC.
  • The Factotum's Cunning Surge ability can only be used once per round.
  • A Frenzied Berserker under the effect of Deathless Frenzy still dies when his negative hitpoints exceed his maximum hitpoint total.
  • The Spell-to-Power Erudite does not exist.
  • Theurge Like Prestige Classes: Only prestige classes that advance two (or more) kinds of magic are banned. For the purposes of this restriction 'magic' includes arcane, divine, manifesting, vestige binding, shadow magic, truenaming, incarnum, martial initiators, & invocations.
  • Mundane or (Ex) class features such as perfect Base Attack Bonus, Sneak Attack, Unarmed Strike Damage, Monk AC bonus, Rage, Turn Undead, Bardic Music, etc. will not be be taken into consideration when classifying a prestige class as 'Theurge Like'.
  • Hulking Hurler weapon damage caps out at 10d6.
  • The Beholder Mage prestige class no longer exists.
  • The Planar Shepherd prestige class no longer exists.
  • The Sublime Chord prestige class no longer exists.
  • The Ur-Priest prestige class no longer exists.
  • The Thrallherd prestige class no longer exists.
  • Racial Paragon Classes count as prestige classes.
  • Shadow Pouncing only works once per round, regardless of the number of times you can teleport.
  • Chameleon floating feats cannot be used to gain the discount from Item Creation feats.
  • No early entry whatsoever into prestige classes via tricks like Precocious Apprentice, Illumian sigils, Versatile Spellcaster, Earth Spell, etc.

Changes to Feats / Skill Tricks
  • Your alignment must exactly correspond to any alignment based Domain or Devotion feats.
  • Skill Tricks require INT 13+ to learn.
  • Persistent Spell is revised as follows.
  • Combining Extend Spell and Persistent Spell does not achieve a double length persisted spell.
  • Planar Touchstone feats do not exist.
  • Assume Supernatural Ability does not exist.
  • Metamorphic Transfer does not exist.
  • Arcane Thesis cannot reduce a spell's level below its original level.
  • Mercantile Background is amended as follows:
  • Sanctum Spell does not exist.
  • Chain Spell metamagic feat does not exist.

Changes to Spells / Powers / Manuevers
  • Moment of Alacrity (Diamond Mind 6) does not exist.
  • Iron Heart Surge can be used to end the following
  • Any spell, power, etc. with an XP component does not exist.
  • If you successfully steal spells from an opponent using the Spell Theft (CM) spell (or similar effect), those spells do not accompany you out of the arena or into your next fight.
  • The following spells do not exist in any way, shape or form:
  • The following powers do not exist in any way, shape or form:
  • Any other spell, power, manuever, ability, etc. that allows you to 'manipulate' the flow of time and/or initiative so that your opponent literally does not get a turn is automatically banned as well.
  • Surge of Fortune cannot be combined with the Vorpal weapon property, or any other spell / ability, that would result in an automatic kill when combined with rolling a natural 20.
  • A caster can only be under the effect of a single casting of Surge of Fortune at a time.
  • Multiple magical or psionic affects that alter your form do not stack. Only the most recent ability applies.
  • The spell Starmantle from BoED does not interact in any way with evasion, improved evasion, or other ability that somehow negates damage with a successful reflex save.
  • The text of the spell Ebon Eyes from Spell Compendium is hereby completely deleted and replaced with the following:
  • The Dragonfire Adept invocation Chilling Fog is usable only once every 1d4 rounds.
  • The Giant Size spell assumes a medium size caster and thus only provides bonuses to Strength & Constitution based upon actually increasing your size category.
  • Nerveskitter is not allowed as a means of increasing your initiative score.
  • Freedom of Movement is amended as follows:
  • Wings of Cover is amended as follows:
  • Wings of Flurry is amended as follows:
  • When anyone is inside of, and/or surrounded by, an Antimagic Field, Null Psionics Field, or similar effect, it is completely impossible to cast a spell, manifest a power, use a supernatural ability, etc. No feat, item, spell, power or special ability can circumvent this restriction.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • There is no stacking of the same ability score to the same function.
  • No NPC spellcasting services are available.
  • There is no sundering of worn objects / items, only held weapons, shields, wands, staffs and other similiar items. All sundered or otherwise destroyed equipment is restored prior to your next battle.
    Some creatures have body parts that are specifically called out as being susceptible to sundering, these are still allowed to be sundered.
  • Any method of becoming immune to all forms of Hitpoint damage, even temporarily, is automatically banned.
  • You cannot use the 'Use Magic Device' skill when activating a staff to acheive a higher than usual caster level.
  • Animal Companions, Familiars, Special Mounts, etc. are not available to assist gladiators outside of the arena in any way. This includes, but is not limited to: Spellcasting, Activating spell completion or spell trigger items, Equipping you with items, etc.
  • A gladiator can directly affect his Companion, Familiar, Mount, etc. in any beneficial way, such as casting spells on them, equipping them with items, etc. Outside of the arena, you cannot do anything to cause harm (HP loss, ability damage, level drain, etc.) to your furry buddies.

  • All
    Including, but not limited to potions, wands, scrolls, staffs, etc.
    consumables cost Triple their normal amount.
  • Any items with per day uses of 5 or less cost Double their normal amount.
  • 'Custom' staffs or runestaffs may not use more than two charges per casting. (This does not apply to pre-made staffs that might already be statted out to use more chargers per casting.)
  • Any item for which you possess the requisite Crafting feat can be purchased for a 20% discount (but increased cost factors still apply).
  • Upgrading / enhancing existing magic items will be done per MIC pg. 233-234 "Adding Common Enhancements to Existing Items". All other "custom" items are not allowed.
  • Any item that would duplicate a forbidden / non-existent spell or power is not allowed.
  • Shopping may be done in between fights, but not once you have rolled initiative.
  • Items are sold for 50% of purchase price.
  • Magic Items may not be crafted or created by fighters, only purchased.
    If a PrC, feat, ability, etc. requires you to craft a mundane or masterwork item that does not cost XP to produce, that is allowed.
  • Fighters will not have access to corpses, near-dead animals or the like when preparing for matches.
  • No generic masterwork tools.
  • Nightsticks do not stack.
  • Ammunition and shuriken must be bought in bundles of 50 identical items, but they do not count as consumables and are not subject to a price increase.
  • All Bane weapons are forbidden.
    Illusion Bane weapons are allowed, as they do not target a specific type of creature.
  • Manuals & Tomes (or other similar items) that provide Inherent bonuses to stats are not considered "consumables", and they can stack (max +5 Inherent bonus still applies).
  • Pre-made weapons and armor can be improved / further enhanced, however any upgrades cost double the normal amount due to the special nature of the items.
  • Custom runestaffs are allowed, but all spells must be from the same spell list and must be thematically linked in some way.
    Check with the Arena God before creating any runestaff, just to be safe.
  • No partially charged wands or staffs, they are always purchased with a full 50 charges.
  • Belts of Battle are banned.
  • Armbands of Might provide their +2 bonus to grapple checks.
  • Ghost Touch weapons, and items that produce similar effects, can affect ethereal creatures.
  • Wilding Clasps can function with the PHB II Shapeshift druid variant.
  • The Starmantle Cloak does not interact in any way with evasion, improved evasion, or other ability that somehow negates damage with a successful reflex save.
  • Iron Bands of Binding are banned.
  • The Ring of Theurgy can only be utilized to cast spells from your normal class / casting list.
  • The Greater Ring of Theurgy is a new item that can be used in the broken RAW way the Ring of Theurgy is found in Complete Arcane (i.e. casting spells from any list). This item costs 150,000 GP.
  • The Retributive Amulet from BoED takes an immediate action to activate and is effective against only a single attack and/or instance of damage. If being attacked multiple times, a gladiator may choose which attack to apply the Amulet against.
  • Gladiators may not wear multiple or duplicate "fake" copies of items in order to avoid having the real item sundered, stolen, dispelled, etc.
  • Hidden / Concealed Weapons from Complete Scoundrel provide a cumulative -2 penalty to attack roles per such weapon used during a round.
  • The Defending weapon property is not allowed.
  • The Aptitude weapon enhancement from Tome of Battle allows you to change the weapon associated with the following feats:
  • There is now a Greater Aptitude weapon enhancement from Tome of Battle. The cost of the enhancement is 30,000 GP and it can only be added to a weapon already enhanced with Aptitude. This enhancement allows you to change the weapon associated with nearly any feat.
    Thus you can use Boomerang Daze with your Greatsword. Or Shadowblade with a Glaive. Etc.
    Example Check with the Arena God if you are unsure if a given feat will synergize with Greater Aptitude.

New DietyThe Arena God
Lesser God (Lawful Neutral)
Domains: Competition, Law, Strength, War
Favoured Weapon: Glaive

Note: The Ordained Champion prestige class can be entered by worshippers of the Arena God.

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