University Sector (West section)

University Sector (West section)

University Avenue (West Section): Magada university & surrounding area.
Points of Interest:
-Magada University(north east): Magada center for research and higher education. Mostly low-level wizards and sorcerers bent on research than magic.
-"Road of Knowledge"(center): university avenue, full of book shops and coffee shops, caters mainly to University students
-Gamdia Museum (far right building at Magada University): holds the Jewel of Truth, along with many other relics of old Fyndar civilization
-The Jewel of Truth(Gamdia Museum):
-Street of Alchemists(south west): best place to get potions and other alchemical items

-housing (west): mid-low class neighborhoods
-housing (south east): mid-high class neighborhoods

Ask any questions pertaining to the University Sector here. (and let me know if you can think of names for some of the name-less streets)

map added!

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