Xuluit Zilil (evedgebah)

Xuluit Zilil (evedgebah)

Xuluit Zilil was cast out of his house and home at a young age. A male child unwanted, unloved. He did not perish however. He was strong. There are many denizens in the Underdark. Many places to hide, and many places to be found. Xuluit was fortunate. His natural talents developed before he was found. The young drow male had latent magical talents, some connection to the lower planes. He did not know his true heritage, a bastard child. Son of Baator.

Hiding, and scheeming, and growing in power, he slowly developed his talents. Seeking out new ways to strengthen himself. Transmuting his own flesh with the fiendish parts of his ancestry. Even becoming a stalker of the night ot prolong his life and further enhance his, already considerable, powers.

Time. Time is something that he had. It was fifty years before his vampiric master was slain. But it was worth it. Finally free to do his own bidding, Xul headed out in search of his lost family, his lost home, his people. He found Menzoberranzan to be a strange place, but one where he could find all that he desired. If only a house would take him in...
Xuluit Zilil d'NizzreXuluit Zilil d'Nizzre
Male Neutral Evil Nosferatu Lord Drow CLP10/NLd3/FSp//NPn3/Wlk8/NMa3, Level 14, Init +19, HP 170/198, DR 3/Silver or Good, Speed 30/50 Fly (perfect) base
AC 32, Touch 19, Flat-footed 26, Fort +23, Ref +25, Will +22, Base Attack Bonus 10/5
(Hellfire) Eldritch Blast +16/+11 (6d6, 20/x2)
Magic Clothes, +1 Animated Bone Wall (+7 Armor, +6 Shield, +6 Dex, +2 Misc)
Abilities Str 14[16], Dex 23[25], Con 25[27], Int 24[26], Wis 17[19], Cha 29[31]
+2 Morale to Attacks/Saves/Skills within 100'
Undead, Unliving, & Darkminded Traits
Immune to Fire and Sleep
Hard to Kill
Cannot entered Hallowed ground
Undead, (Augmented Outsider Elf, Drow), Dark Minded, Unliving, Blood Pool [17], More/Enhanced Spawn [23], Daywalker, Regeneration 14 (Fire, Silver, Wood, Positive Energy, Good Aligned, Criticals), Immune to Sleep, Turn Resistance 2+1/spawn within 60, Immune to Fire, Enhanced Sphere Access, Sorcerer Casting +6 levels, Devoted to Elder Evil, Conduit of Baator

Spell Effects {In SpC or SRD unless noted}
Greater Anticipate Teleportation - Delays teleportation 3 rounds and gives info
Contingency: Antimagic Field - If defeated his soul would be in danger
Energy Immunity: All types (Not positive/negative)
Detect Scrying
Dragonsight - Blindsight 30'
Magic Vestment - +3
Mantle of the Icy Soul - Grants [Cold] Subtype
Pass Without Trace
Heart of Water {Complete Mage} - Swim 30', +8, Waterbeath, +5 Escape Artist. Dismiss for Freedom of Movement
Heart of Earth {Complete Mage} - +8 vs Trip/etc, 28 temp HP, dismiss for Stoneskin
Heart of Fire {Complete Mage} - +10 speed, resist Fire 20+5, dismiss for Fire Shield
Heart of Air {Complete Mage} - Jump +10, Fly speed +10, Dismiss for Feather Fall
Heart of X Series Combined - 100% Fortification
Null Psionic Field -Dorje {Shaped to personal}
Arcane Sight - Permanency
Mind Blank
Astral Projection
Tongues - Permanency

Base Ranks: 17
Masterwork Tool +2; Conduit of Baator +10 unnamed; Humanoid Form +10 unnamed; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Magic Clothing +3, Disguise Self Spell +10; Ranks +17; CHA mod +9, +10 Item
Masterwork Tool +2; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Synergy w/Bluff +2; Magic Clothing +3; ranks +17; CHA mod +9, Otherworldly +2, +10 Item
Masterwork Tool +2;Admiral's Bicorne +7; Synergy w/Bluff +2; Magic Clothing +3; CHA mod +9; Ranks +17, +10 Item
Masterwork Tool +2; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Magic Clothing +3; ranks +17; CHA mod +9, +10 Item
-Sense Motive:
Masterwork Tool +2; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Magic Clothing +3; ranks +17; CHA mod +9, +10 Item
-Knowledge (Religion):
Masterwork Tool +2; ranks +17; INT mod +6; Bicorne +2, +10 Item
-Knowledge (the Planes):
Masterwork Tool +2; ranks +17; INT mod +6; Bicorne +2, +10 Item
Masterwork Tool +2; ranks +17; INT mod +6; Bicorne +2, +10 Item
Masterwork Tool +2; ranks +17; CON mod +6; Bicorne +2, +10 Item
-Handle Animal:
Masterwork Tool +2; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Magic Clothing +3; CHA mod +9
-Perform (Strings):
Masterwork Tool +2; Admiral's Bicorne +7; Magic Clothing +3; CHA mod +9
Base Ranks 0, but have bonuses added
-Profession (Sailor):
Masterwork Tool +2; WIS mod +3; Admiral's Bicorne +7
Everything Else: Ability mod +4 (+2 from Bicorne and +2 from tool)

Drow, Undercommon, Abyssal, Infernal, Common, Tongues


Class Breakdown:
Conduit of the Lower Planes 10 / Nosferatu Lord 3 / Fatespinner 1 || Paragon Nosferatu 3 / Warlock 4 / Master Nosferatu 3 / Warlock 4

Undead, (Augmented Outsider Elf, Drow), Dark Minded, Unliving, Blood Pool [15], More/Enhanced Spawn [38], Daywalker, Regeneration 12 (Fire, Silver, Wood, Positive Energy, Good Aligned, Criticals), Immune to Sleep, Turn Resistance 2+1/spawn within 60, Immune to Fire, Enhanced Sphere Access, Sorcerer Casting +6 levels, Devoted to Elder Evil, Conduit of Baator

Vampire Weaknesses
Cannot enter hearth uninvited
Vulnerable to silver
Garlic Repulsion as spell
Cannot enter Hallowed ground

Feats - [#]: Normal; [# B]: Bonus; [#E] Devoted to Elder Evil; [# C]: Conduit; [# W] Warlock
[1] Fiend Cabalist {Tome} - Everything is [Evil]
[1 B] Otherworldly {PGtF}
[1 E] Chosen of Evil {EE} Pay 1 CON to add +1 per Vile Feat to roll
[2 B] Endure Sunlight {LM} - Resist Sunlight 1+CHA mod rounds
+0: You gain Spell Resistance of 5 + Character Level.
+1: Damage you inict is considered "ongoing damage" for the purposes of concentration checks made before the beginning of your next round. All your attacks in a round are considered the same source of continuing damage.
+6: Creatures cannot cast defensively within your threat range.
+11: Your attacks ignore Deflection bonuses to AC.
+16: When a creature uses a [Teleportation] effect within medium range of yourself, you may choose to be transported as well. This is not an action.
Mage Slayer {Tome}
[3 B] Boost Spell-Like Ability {BoVD} - DC+2 3/day/ability
[4 B] Versatile Spellcaster {CM} - Convert lower level spell slots to make higher level ones
[5 E] Slave to Evil {EE} - Minimize effect of [Evil] things
[5 B] Spell Focus: Evil {LM} - [Evil] +1 DC
[6] Greater Teleport {Tome}
[6 B] Leadership [27+] {SRD Version}
[6 C] Harmless Form {Tome}
[7 B] Extra Followers {HoB}
[8 B] Improved Cohort {HoB}
[9] Stoning Gaze {Tome}
[9 B] Boost Spell Resistance {BoVD} - +2 SR
[10 E] Insane Defiance {EE} - Pay 1 WIS to Redirect Enchantment
[10 B] Malign Spell Focus {BoVD} - [Evil] +1 DC
[10 C] Fiendish Invisibility (Breath) {Tome} - Ex Invisibility if not breathing (which I don't need to)
[11 B] Divine Denial {EoE} - +2 to saves vs Divine Spells
[12] Leadership {Tome} [27+]
[12 B] Heroic Surge {AoM} - 4 extra Move or Attack actions per day (1/round)
[13 B] Boost Spell Resistance
[14 W] Persistent Spell {Tome}
[14 B] Arcane Disciple: Oracle {CM}

[Expert Sphere]
Spellcraft ranks:
0: You gain a +3 bonus on Spellcraft checks.
4: When counterspelling, you may use a spell of the
same school that is one or more spell levels higher
than the target spell.
9: You can dismiss a spell as a free action. You can redi-
rect a spell as a move action, if it normally requires
a standard action, or a swift action, if it normally
takes a move action. You gain a +3 bonus on dispel
14: You can counter a spell as an immediate action.
19: You automatically know which spells or magic eects
are active on upon any individual object you see, as
if you had greater arcane sight active on yourself.
Magical Aptitude {Tome}
[Expert Sphere] Army of Demons {Tome} [27+]

Ring of Sustenance
Diplomacy Ranks Benefit
4: You gain a +1 bonus on all Charisma-related checks.
8: You gain a +2 Deflection bonus to AC.
13: You gain a +3 bonus on all Charisma-related checks.
18: You gain a +5 Deflection bonus to AC.
Magic Clothing {Tome} - Magic Vestmented: +3
+1 Animated
Knowledge (Religion) Ranks Benefit
4: You gain a bonus to your Saving throws against death effects equal to the Shield Bonus of this shield.
8: You may cast Necromancy spells without somatic components.
13: You gain Positive Energy Resistance equal to the shield bonus of this shield.
18: This shield provides touch bonus to your AC against incorporeal touch attacks.
Bone Wall {Tome} - Magic Vestmented: +3
Admiral's Bicorne {Storm}
Masterwork Tools
Stone Socket of Gruumsh {CC}
Ring of Nine Lives {MIC}
Initiative Parrying Luck Blade
Headband of Concious Effort {MIC}
Aspect Mirror {SC}
Strong Leg {FF}
Unholy Symbol
Many Infinite Scrollcases - 50 Scrolls each - I'm assuming I have 5 scrolls of every spell written.
I have 80 Genie followers. They've made me a LOT of scrolls.
Ring of Greater Counterspells (Holding Greater Dispel Magic)
+10 Skill items (Psychoactive skins)
+1 Morphing Eager Thinuan Dagger x 6 - Greater Weapon Crystal of Return
+1 Morphing Warning Thinuan Dagger x 2 - Greater Weapon Crystal of Return

Sorceror Spells
0th, 6/day: No Light {BoVD}, Prestidigitation, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Acid Splash, Silent Portal, Chalkboard, Ghost Sound, Create Water
1st, 8/day: Nerveskitter {SpC}, Blockade {SpC}, Lesser Deflect {PHB2}, Accellerated Movement {SpC}, Instant Diversion {RoD}, Identify
2nd, 8/day: Sure Strike {PHP2}, Whispercast {LoM}, Wings of Cover {RoD}, Lesser Celerity {SpC}, Deflect {PHP2}, Augry
3rd, 8/day: Avoid Planar Effects {SpC}, Energy Aegis {PHP2}, Permeable Form {LoM}, Hesitate {PHP2}, Tongues
4th, 7/day: Greater Mirror Image {PHP2}, Celerity {Spc}, Assay Spell Resistance {SpC}, Divination
5th, 7/day: Swift Etherealness {SpC}, Dispelling Breath {SpC}, Commune
6th, 6/day: Move Earth, Greater Dispel Magic, True Seeing
7th, 3/day: Project Image, Vision

DC: 22 + spell level


All at Spell Level 7, DC 29

Three times per day, you may use the Sculpt Spell metamagic on any spell-like ability you can use, but only if you do not use the cone option of this metamagic feat.
Bubbles - Expert Access
1: flaming sphere
3: water breathing
5: magic circle against good
7: resilient sphere
9: binding
11: telekinetic sphere
13: forcecage
15: prismatic sphere
17: temporal stasis
19: time stop

Special: You gain a bonus [Item Creation] feat. - Craft Contingent Spell Selected
Creation (modified)
1: unseen servant
3: make whole
5: minor creation
7: stone shape
9: major creation
11: fabricate
13: swift major creation
15: True Creation
17: wish (wealth and magic item only for free, spend
for raise the dead and increase power of item only)
19: genesis (spc)

Special: Gain immunity to the Destroyed result of Turning and the Commanded result of Rebuking.
Heresy - Basic Access
1: align weapon (evil only) 10/day
3: desecrate 9/day
5: magic circle against good 8/day
7: unholy sword 7/day
9: planar ally, lesser 6/day
11: dispel good 5/day
13: unhallow 4/day
15: blasphemy 3/day
17: gate 3/day
19: miracle 3/day

Spell-like Abilities & More
Gaseous Form, Hypnotic Gaze (DC 26), Command Progeny, Telekenesis (CL 12), Call Fiends, Telepathy, Command (DC 27), Geas (DC 27) Spin Fate, Alternate Form (Vampiric), Spell Resistance 23

Leadership Stuff -

Followers Doubled by: Extra Followers Feat {HoB}
Lord of Death: Leadership 27, Command Rating: 4, Cohort, Army of Followers
- Maximum Cohort Level: 17 (Reduced to CL-1 from Improved Cohort for 11) Cohort WIP
- Followers by CR: ½ (7000); 1 (3500); (1600) 2 (1500) (1300) 3 (1200) 4 (600) 5 (300) 6 (140) 7 (100) 8 (80) 9 (60) 10 (60)
Army of Demons: Leadership 27, Command Rating: 4, Planar Stronghold, Army of Followers
- Followers by CR: ½ (7000); 1 (3500); (1600) 2 (1500) (1300) 3 (1200) 4 (600) 5 (300) 6 (140) 7 (100) 8 (80) 9 (60) 10 (60)
Tome Leadership: Leadership 27, Command, Geas
- Followers by CR: ½ (700); 1 (350); (160) 2 (150) (130) 3 (120) 4 (60) 5 (30) 6 (14) 7 (10) 8 (8) 9 (6) 10 (6)

- Followers by CR: Elite Array (before racial mods: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8); non-gestalt; Core PC classes.
½ (14,700); 1 (7,350); (3,360) 2 (3,150) (2,730) 3 (2,520) 4 (1,260) 5 (630) 6 (294) 7 (210) 8 (168) 9 (126) 10 (126)
36,468 total
CR, Army of Demons; Lord of Death; Leadership
½: Tiefling Warrior 1; Skeleton Warrior; Drow Adept 1
1: Tiefling Warrior 2; Skeleton Wolf; Drow Adept 2
1½: Tiefling Warrior 3;
LM: Fast Healing 5, Improved Toughness
Unkillable Zombie Warrior; Drow Adept 3
2: Tiefling Warrior 4; Owlbear Skeleton; Drow Adept 4
2½: Nosferatu Tiefling Warrior 5;
LM: +4 Dex, Climb Speed
Nimble Skeleton Warhorse (Mount for Warrior); Nosferatu Drow Adept 5
3: Legion Devil {FC2}; Troll Skeleton; Wight
4: Barghest; Chimera Skeleton; Vampire Spawn (MM Creature)
5: Nightmare; Skeleton Ettin; Wraith
6: Kyton; Skeleton Advanced Megaraptor; Gauth Beholder
7: Hellcat; Skeletal Cloud Giant; Flesh Golem
8: Efreeti; Young Adult Red Dragon Skeleton; Hellwasp Swarm
9: Osyluth; Hulking Corpse {LM}; Vampire Mind Flayer {LoM}
10: Maelephant {FF}; Plague Spewer {MM3}; Guardian Naga

- Cohorts: Rule 9 (as R11, but less so), Gestalt. Spawn are restricted by level as a Cohort. 2 at level 13

- Spawn

: Ah, k. No worries. Easy on the powergaming a bit. I know what its like to want to just go all out... but show some restraint plz. I gots to somehow challenge you... preferably without just dropping epic templates all over the place.

As is most of my NPCs will need an arbitrary "+30 DM bonus to hit" just to have a chance of striking you guys...

Energy Immunity: I just noticed that Xul has this up five times. It doesn't work that way... a second casting will just renew the duration and change the immunity to another type. Which energy are you being immune to?

Fire. Though I'm immune to Cold from another spell.

Number 13 is one of my Elite Mages. It's just his name. I can have 23 spawn total, so I have several of the same build in case of...losses.

I thought you approved the "Elite Mage." Did you not? I just named this one "Number 13."


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