Main Story

Main Story

Once i have all the characters sheets and players accepted we will get underway


Darkness has taken you, leaving you endlessly falling into an empty oblivion without sight or sound. Moments flash briefly into being and fade again; a cold iron table and bright light above you, the mocking voice of a child, the reeling stench of beast and raw meat, weightlessness, the hammering of great machinery, and finally, fetid black water oozing beneath you and chill winds stirring foul air.

You wake slowly to find yourself paralyzed in cold darkness, your voice silent and your body as limp and useless as a rag doll. You are helpless to act or speak, or even hold your thoughts together, but you can hear the ragged breathing of others in the dark telling you that you are not alone in your fate and feel the bone-deep ache in your limbs confirming that you yet live.

Sickly-green lamps flicker on in the walls, and a dozen figures appear, wading shin-deep through rank waters towards the cold platform on which you and the other tangled forms hang. They wear ragged cloaks over dark body armor, and their faces are covered by grotesque animal masks fashioned from glittering metal and stitched skin. Each mask is different, one a hound one a serpent, another a swine, and son on, while the leader wears the gilded visage of a jackal with crimson teeth.

Chains are released and you are dumped into the ice-cold filth of the water and the others, all equally helpless, heaped up like in a mass grave for the living. Each of you is swiftly and perfunctorily examined by the masked men like livestock in a market. The Jackal Mask barks a curt order, and he and the others back away swiftly into the darkness.

Frost creeps across the walls, and the waters beneath you grow cold as the grave, as from the darkness a human-shaped, spike-studded metal cabinet comes into view, pushed along by two stunted and misshapen figures. Another shadowed form, tall and lean, hangs back on the edge of sight behind them.

Horror is heaped upon horror as the iron cabinet opens to reveal the severed head and mutilated torso of a young woman floating within in a column of unearthly light. The woman’s eyes snap open and cruel white light floods out. You feel the stabbing claws of a vile force invade your mind with its polluting touch as you and your fellow captives finally find voice wrought to scream.

The force withdraws suddenly as the iron cabinet snaps shut. A silver-clawed hand rises from the darkness and indicates three captives in turn. The misshapen figures lunge forth and drag them screaming into the darkness where they are abruptly silenced.

Mercifully you are not among them.

The light fades and oblivion takes you again.

You awaken once more to find yourselves in a wide, circular, high-sided pit, perhaps some fifteen metres across, along with a number of fellow captives. The ground is covered with moist, reeking sand and is littered with broken bones and other detritus. Set into the rusted metal walls at irregular intervals are spiked and studded iron grates of varying shapes and sizes and flickering lumen globes recessed behind heavy mesh. Some six metres above you, the walls of the pit are topped with sabre-like, inward-curving blades and loose coils of corroded razor-wire. Beyond that is darkness from which you can hear the distant rumble of heavy machinery.

All of you (ie. players, 5 of you) are in this large pit, along with seven other people (total of 12 people) all dressed as you are, white linen shorts and shirts. two of them seem to be waking up, while other move and twitch slightly as if in a dream, and a few are sprawled out as if unconcious. this is in narrative intitive order, basically let me know what you are doing on your turn, and are all happening at the same time.

Krell pushed himself into a sitting position. Pausing, he glanced over the other occupants of the pit, his brown eyes narrowing as they flicked from right to left. Reaching up, he wiped some moist sand from his cheek, where he'd lain against the ground, revealing the thin black line of a tattoo on one side of his face. The looping design began at his right eye and curled round his jawline before plunging down his neck, disappearing into the white of his shirt.

Wiping his hands, Krell swiped dirt and grime from the prickly stubble on his scalp and stood. Paying no mind to the others in the pit, he inspected one of the mesh coverings, probing at its joints and fittings to see if there was any chance of prying it loose.

It was the smell that woke him. It's said that smell is the strongest sense linked to memory. It smell of home. For some the smell of home brings a warm feeling of love and happiness, but for Ferrus, home brings very different feeling to mind. So when that small part of his brain made a connection between the smell of the sand and home he was up and awake before he'd even realised, his eyes scan the dark corners for threats then quickly closer about him to locate the nearest gun. It was only as the rest of his mind followed his instincts into wakefulness that he was full able to think properly beyond his childhood memories.

Having confirmed with himself that he wasn't back home, Ferrus felt a small knot of tension coiled up under his heart release slightly. Looking around he see that there are others here with him. One is already up and looking at the mesh covering one of the lumen globes spread around this pit, he sweeps his gaze across the others, some are still unconscious, while others are, like him, slowly awakening.

Ravion wakes up to the darkness and stench, not the light, fragrances, and maid service in which he was accustomed to receiving when he awoke. He gets up slowly checking to see his condition. He goes around checking on others, seeing to their wounds if necessary
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 90
Medicae (76). If anyone is a psyker or uses the Warp, they likely will be unnerved when he comes within two metres of the person. He likely wouldn't be able to find the way out, but could at least help others while a way out was hopefully found. Occasionally he looks up, longing to return to the machinery that was likely the free outside of a Hive like establishment.

a few of the people shout out into the darkness, Hello! Help! Let us out! We didn't do anything! all mixed together, a few move about shaking others, one of them goes to Krell What are you trying to do? he asks quizzically. A few more people start to wake up, looking at Ravion Please, help us, are you here to save us? a few ask. A young female, late teens, comes over to Ferrus, You ok Mister, Where are we? she asks in a slightly shakey voice.

Dal slowly starts to wake, feeling strange and wondering why he cant remember where he is. Looking around he notices a group of people wandering around a pit, some looking scared but others seeming to look intently at their surrounding's. Dal sits up realizing that he has been drugged or mind warped in some way. The last thing he seems to remember is following a lead into a twist bar in a shanty town he knew he should not have gone into alone.

Pushing himself up Dal decides to walk around the pit and try to shake the grogginess from his head and get a better look at his surroundings and its occupants. Noticing someone probing the mesh coverings he walks over to have a closer look.
"You need any help with that."

Allean wakes with a startle, and quickly jolts up. His sudden awakening came from some odd disturbance, and he quickly pinpointed it on the untouchable near him. He quickly backs away and shouts, "Hey, you there, mind staying away from me? Psykers don't operate very well near your kind." He then began looking around, and shortly realized that his weapons were all gone. He picked up a femur, figuring that it would have to suffice as a weapon. "Now then," he said loud enough that he hoped that anyone who had not awoken now had, "Does anyone have any idea what's going on, or how to get out?"

Krell grunted. "Might be something worthwhile behind. Maybe even a way out. Wouldn't hold my breath, though."

He took hold of one side of the covering, braced on foot against the wall, and nodded towards Dal, signalling him to do the same to the other side.

"On three. One, two--THREE!"

Muscles straining, Krell yanked back hard on the covering.

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 7
Strength Test-target 15 (7)


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