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Ravion ignores Allean's request, but doesn't try to get any closer to the psyker. He grabs a Rib Bones, just in case they meet guards that would try to enforce their imprisonment. He is glad that Krell seems to be working on an opening, for he would have a very hard time getting out himself by prying a way out for himself. Be quite for now, we will indeed free you. The Emperor protects. Ravion doesn't have any liturgy of the Imperial Creed ready to say right now, but it would seem appropriate to inspire the other prisoners right now.

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 50
Common Lore (Imperial Creed)-target 32 (50)

Dal moves along side Krell and takes hold of the other side of the mesh.

"A way out would be good....but a way out of where??"

Bracing himself against the wall of the pit, and on Krell's count of three Dal puts what strength he can muster into getting the cover off.

"Strength Test target 21
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 1

The metal grate grinds slightly as Dal and Krell both strain, the grate lifting a few inches as you feel it ratchet a notch and catch, the first thing to assault you is the smell that issues from under the grate, a vile, hot stench akin to the smell of a gutted animal. Followed closely by the sounds of eerie howling that seems to echo out of each tunnel. The echoing howl draws steadily louder, many of the other people in the pit with you start to look around at each opening, a few falling to their knees praying to the emperor loudly. The grate opposite Dal and Krell start to crank upwards, inch by grinding inch till it stops about halfway with a tortured metal on metal grinding sound, the tunnel grate stops at about a foot and a half off the sandy pit floor. The howling draws closer and splits into multiple distinct cries, joined siftly by the sound of pounding movement. The echoing howls seem to receed from the other tunnels and now sounds like it orginates from the now partly open tunnel mouth. The lumen globes flicker out for a second, plunging the room and pit into total darkness, seconds tick by as the sounds of the howls draws even closer, the lights flick back on, a few burned out, casting everything in a fading twilight light, at the top of the pit, you can make out the shape of a man, dressed in a dark leather cloak, his face covered by an elaborate heron mask of polished bone framed by a spray of golden feathers. Tension and fear build in the few straggles in the pit with you, many looking at the opening, others looking to you all for salvation

Ferrus look down to the girl that has approached him. She looks up into his eyes and immediately flinches at the he in his eyes.
"Worry not about me girl, I've survived worse than this. I'd say this was some form of illegal fighting pit most likely hidden below a factory complex based on the machinery noise above."
Noticing the scattered bones he reach down to grab one of the nearest lying femurs. He gives it a few practice swings, before tucking it into the waistband of his trousers. he them approaches the two others attempted to raise one of the metal grates. He's just reached them when the lights flicker out, when they return Ferrus briefly looks at the now unbarred tunnel on the opposite side of the pit. The noises that emanate from within indicate that something unwholesome is coming. He turns to speak to the two other prisoners.
"Do you want to try opening this grate any more, in which case I'll give you a hand, but I suggest we either try quickly or we prepare for what every Emperor cursed abomination is about to come out from that other tunnel, because it doesn't sound like we have alot of time."

Krell glanced over his shoulder. The fine hairs on his neck stood on end at the sound coming from the other tunnel. Instinct recoiled from that sound. He wanted to scramble up a tree, but there were no trees here. He repositioned his hands on the underside of the grate. The metal was gritty, biting against his palms. He clenched his jaw, gathered his hips beneath him.

"Push!" he bellowed. "Everyone who can, help us with this!"

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 11
Strength Target 25 (11)

Ferrus plants his feet and lends his strength to the effort of raising the grate.

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 1
Strength (34 -10) (1)

All of a sudden, feeling the urgency in the pit and the slowly rising panic of some of the other captives wondering what was coming down that oppisite tunnel...Dal again braces himself hoping for more luck this time. With a grunt he heaves "AARGH"

Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 81
Strength Test (81)

Ravion instructs the seven other people, Grab a Rib Bones and be prepared to either fight or leave. He moves over to try to help lift the grate.
Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 67
Strength Test (29-10) (67)

The grate you are working on lifting slides another six inches up, there is about a foot of crawl space now available, while at the opposite grate the sounds of of inhuman howling becomes a frenzied cacophony of screams as a writhing tide of bone and meat slams into the partially open tunnel. Struggling and tearing at each other in their haste to reach into pit, hideous creatures, lean, feral things of jutting bone and red-glistening muscle caging organs that pulse and shudder beneath their transparent, membranous skin. One of them seems to be pushing thorugh the pack and working its way under the grate opening, its front claws digging furrows in the sand as it works its head and foward shoulders under the grate. It's blind, equine skull swings side to side as he squirms.

Many of the people in the pit with you back away from the feral creatures that are trying to work their way into the pit, many of them not full realizing how bad things are about to get as their minds seem to be blocking out the horror that is to come.

Krell's eyes bulged at the sight of the snapping creatures. The tribes on his homeworld has legends about similar beasts, unholy abominations. Though the Ecclesiarchy had tried their best to purge such nonsense from his head, Krell still believed in many of his homeworld's nocturnal terrors. What he saw coming down the tunnel were plucked from childhood nightmares.

"Into the tunnel!" he shouted. He went belly to ground and began to worm his way underneath the grate.


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