Haunting of Harrowstone


Back at Castle Haunted...

Daius looked back at the girl, pondering. If this girl had no idea what her father was now, then they had likely been apart for some time, and the change would have been recent. So whatever "Father" was now, it was due to something recent. His power too, perhaps. The machine again, perhaps? Staring down at the circle, Daius felt a surge of power-lust; if a man could gain such power with this machine, it would serve him as well! Still... looking down at the girl, he shook his horribly scarred head. It was doubtful she knew anything about the machine either, though she seemed helpful enough. "No matter," he rasped, looking back to her. "Is there a way.. to return to this place? Do you know of it? It is a truly remarkable mansion," he said, his words half-truth, and half-lie. He would certainly wish to find out more about this "Father" as the time presented itself.

As they walked through the night Val sought to ease her mind from the troubling events of recent past, it was best not to dwell with the unnatural for too long...

For now she felt a need to protect those that traveled with her - even the misshapen thing / man that manage to came along, though she was still to find a definite reason why... certainly his heart seemed tainted... why did the others met an undeserving death while this one was still here?... brushing the thought with an aftertaste of guilt she pressed forward.

"We need shelter, proper rest and food. Do any of you know of this town and a place where we can fill those needs?" she exclaimed as the town came into view. Valeria only knew of this town and maybe had traveled here once, someone else would be a better guide.

Miosil shrugged her shoulders "I have never been here. but surely there must be a boarding house. i have a few coins left still. or would could find a warm stable at the most. He has marked you, and taken something from you. the words still chilled her. she could feel nothing missing, but there was truth in the ghost child's words. they would not be forgotten. Meditation. i need meditation.

She looked at her companions still. what an odd bunch we make. the Professor sure did get out a lot. she wondered if they had made it to his funeral, after that... ordeal.Damn it professor, what were you dealing with? she whispered in frustration.

tryingto ktae her mind off things, she turned to the other... elf. she addressed her in their language "i have traveled a bit, not much, but have never seen the likes of you. who are you? what kin do you hail from? if you don't mind my curiousity. i don't remember my parents mentioning your kind, for the short time i knew them." the owl seemed to observe the priestess keenly as well.

Janel Raj

Janel smiled mysteriously at the suggestion that she looked wetter than Andrei had heard of her homeland. "My home is on a small island not far from Okeno, though I spent most of my years in Katapesh itself, at the Temple."

She blinked when the elf addressed her in the elven tongue, and it took her a moment to work out what she'd been saying before she responded in the woman's own tongue, "Elven."

Back at Castle Haunted...

Not for the first time the child-ghost showed a keen intellect, making connections through logic rather than experience. "The professor may have barred father from using the circle to travel to his study, but I do not know if father bothered to do the same. Once upon a time they both traveled freely."

Her expression slowly changed to worry as another thought came to mind.

"I hope when father marked you and your friends he didn't do anything that would . ."

The green eyes went fearfully to the circle.

On the outskirts of Ravengro

Memory served Andrei and he recalled the one place that would serve their immediate needs, of a hot meal, a warm bed and most importantly, somewhere to collect their thoughts. 'The Outward Inn' wasn't up to the standards one would find in a major city, but for a country village it had a decent reputation. Thankfully it was only a short - perhaps fifteen minute - walk.

"Ah!" Andrei replied, and then lost interest as the elven woman cut in in her own language, essentially cutting Andrei out. Andrei begins to head towards the village, addressing no one in particular, "I think I remember a place from when we... *ahem* 'The Outward Inn,' this way, I believe."

Miosil seems to think over the priestess' words, finally shrugging her shoulders and responding in common "very well. still a bit curious, but there are stranger things at hand, no? this is Lym, I am Miosil Uvani. lets just get to this Outward Inn. i can use a meal." without a further word, she walks briskly after Andrei.

Once at the inn - and assuming nothing odd is at hand - Valeria will secure accommodations for rest and a meal for the taxed group, discussion in a safe place would be welcomed.

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Back at Castle Haunted...

"What is it he marked us for? And stole from me?", Daius responded, trying to contain his impatience. Even though the girl was being helpful enough, it was growing frustrating that she did not give specifics.


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