Haunting of Harrowstone

Janel Raj

Janel would be relieved just to have something warm to drink for a moment, not to mention having a somewhat comfortable place to sleep for the night. If asked, she didn't care how the accommodations were so long as she wasn't forced to share a room with any men. She had spent much of her life in the Temple, and was used to far less than luxurious accommodations - even settling in a farmer's hayloft seemed a luxury to her, it would be softer than what she was used to, she imagined. She looked around for a moment at the others that had been in Grymholdt with them, but she was perfectly comfortable with letting Valeria do the talking as she still had no idea where she really was - she had never been outside of Katapesh's borders.

The 'Outward Inn' was a comfortable looking place and the proprietor friendly enough; at least she met you with a smile rather than a suspicious scowl. Sarianna Vai, although now retired, was once a singer of some repute in Caliphas, and she hadn't quite fallen into the insular ways of most of the townsfolk . . and besides, a sullen attitude was hardly good for business.

The inn had ten rooms, and despite fears that the professors impending funeral would have taken every available bed, the opposite was true - not a single other soul had registered. Sarianna didn't seems at all perturbed by this fact and when she offered each of you a room at a discounted price it was clear she expected no others.

It was strange - for you had always held the professor in high regard.

The rooms themselves were not lavish but the beds were warm, clean and dry and there was access to bathing facilities and blessed hot water. The bar served food until late, and as a final delight Sarianna promised breakfast would be brought up shortly after sunrise.

Back at Castle Haunted

"You should go . ." The child suggested, the subtle hint of a warning in her soft voice. Something in Daius' tone, or perhaps the questions he asked reminded her of her father's single-minded curiosity. "I do not have the answers you seek except for the most pressing . . death awaits you if you stay."

Janel Raj

Janel felt like she should be much more exhausted than she was, given the day she'd had. She was still trying to puzzle out exactly where in the world she was - obviously it was nowhere near Katapesh, as it was much colder than she was used to - especially once it had begun to get dark. What amazed her was that no one seemed to notice how cold it was here. Once the arrangements had been made, she immediately made her way over to one of the hearths to warm up, still holding her cloak tightly about her.

Andrei felt the need to brood over the recent events, alone if at all possible. Brooding is done best over at least one glass of ale, and he nursed those in a darkened corner of the inn. Waiting for the day next, and whatever it may bring...

It came to no surprise that no one much wanted to talk about what happened and thankfully so, each wanted to rest or take time to silently contemplate as did she.

A hearty meal and warm bath was indeed welcomed and enjoyed.

Janel Raj

She eyed Andrei across the way for a moment... he obviously looked as if he wanted to brood in private, but she wasn't going to get any answers about where she had been whisked away to by standing alone by the fire. She made her way over to where he sat, nursing his ale alone. "Andrei, was it? Sory for intruding on your thoughts, but you mentioned that you were from here?"

Andrei peers up blearily, already having put back a few. "Oh, s'you. Yeah, I'm from here. Sorta. All'f Ustalav's home, 'f you get my meaning..." Andrei drifts off into his own thoughts, and then suddenly turns his head back to peer at the healer, "Long way from Kapatesh, innit?"

Nodding silently, Daius stepped forward, entering the otherworld's portal. The world flew by a rush, as if broad and random strokes from some painters' brush. He had once thought artists to be a wonderful sort, painting pictures of the world at large, and the tales of heroic figures triumphing against evil. As his unsteady feet landed once upon solid ground, he snorted. The truth, it always came back to the truth of life. Life came, grasping and cruel, and took what it would- his goal was to grasp life in return, and wring it's secrets until he was the master there. Life had taken his love.. and his innocence. But it return, he demanded powers from it, and he recieved.

But Daius was not content for an even exchange, oh no. His eyes were open now- as his gray, cold gaze swept across the town, he recognized it as Ravengro. During his stay with the professor, he had stopped here once or twice during their travels. An unwelcoming place, for the most part, if he recalled. Some of that might have been due to the professor's own willingless to dabble with whatever would give him information.. tombs, dark tomes, and the like. He certainly owned Lorrimor a great debt, however, as he would not be here without the kind man's help.

Catching sight of a large group of people- the same ones he had just been with, of course, he pondered his course in the cool night air. After having left the Whispering Way, or at least those in the area of Ustalav.. he could consider himself something of a wanted man, particurarly if he made many contacts. A traitor to the Way might be a liability to the world's best-kept secret, after all. In this, it would behoove him to have people who wanted him alive. In the same token, the mysterious events of this night were.. well, Daius would not stand for being prey to somebody's whims. Revenge would come, of course, and now he knew something more about the man who had accosted him. House Grymholdt.. he would need to research this.

Glancing into the inn at which his 'fellows' had taken refuge, Daius sneered as his gaunt frame leaned against an old oak. Yes, perhaps he should go with them. They were together yet, seemingly not willing to part so easily. Surely even such fools as they would seek revenge and answers...yes? Tapping his chin thoughtfully, his body stiffened as a harsh cough rattled him. Taking it in stride, he returned to staring at the tavern. His magics were not those of 'goodness' and 'light', of course. Necromancy was where his power lay. Would they accept him? Perhaps, perhaps not. Perhaps if he played on what a poor, benighted soul he was... a soft cackle escaped his lips as he considered the game he would play with the paladin.

Smiling now, one with an actual hint of mirth and warmth, Daius opened the door to the tavern, entering and immediately scanning the room. Nobody but them.. well enough. Amusingly enough, one of them had taken a spot in the corner, broodingly. Even as he watched, that strange blue-toned woman went to him. Shrugging, he took the closest chair, leaning his gnarled staff against a support pillar, his head finding his way into cupped hands as he stared at nothing, thinking..

Dice Roll: 1d20+6z
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 10)
Knowledge (History) for any helpful information about the Grymholdt family (10)

Janel Raj

"Ustalav? I'm sorry... I have no idea where that - this - Ustalav is. I've never been beyond the borders of Katapesh before waking up in that... Well, you know as much of that as I do." She swallowed a lump in her throat at thinking about what they'd just been through. "I know of Osirion, Nex, and the Mwangi Expanse obviously.. But I have never heard of Ustalav before."


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