Haunting of Harrowstone


Andrei looks at the woman more closely, "Well ain't that a shtrange one, never a'leavin Kapatesh. You 'ave now." He chortles and takes a swig. Andrei slowly notices that Janel is entirely in earnest, and the laughter dies off as he blinks up at her. "Mus be shome scheme of that proffmesser. We're north... ish. Jus south of the World Wound. Don' tell me you hadn't heard of that?" He shakes his head muttering to himself, "Strange business."

Sarianna offered the usual chatter, though at times she look towards the door as if her words had somehow been overheard. She was curious about where you had all come from, but not overly so - it was simple interest in the goings on in a world she once belonged.

"I guess you must have known the professor well to come all this way . . not many have." Her voice trailed off somewhat. "Our paths never crossed that much but he was a decent enough fellow."

"Not at all like that Zokar over at the Laughing Demon . ." Sarianna added, with perfectly pitched outrage. "His specialty - Corpse Chowder - always seems to be served in huge portions right after unpopular merchants 'leave town' never to be seen again. If Zokar ever invites you into the Demon's back room for a complimentary taste of that evening's chowder watch out!"

"Now . . is there anything else I can do for you to make your stay more memorable?"

"Not as much as I'd liked..." comes the distant answer, the professor wasn't well known to her but all this made her wonder... even before she had heard those that accompanied her speak of the man.

At Sarianna's comment on the 'Laughing Demon' and this Zokar fellow Valeria was appalled "Even the name of the place has bad taste, but... surely merchants vanishing must be only coincidence is it not?!" clearly she is upset at the thought of it being otherwise, already her mind was planning action if not.

"We thank you for your service, everything is memorable already"

It had been a difficult day and the night brought more of the same; a bitter wind came up shortly before midnight and lasted until first light. The cold crept through stone walls and shuttered windows and nothing seemed to warm you. The promise of warmth and rest now seemed to be an empty one.

Sarianna provided extra blankets and a fire roared in the hearth all through the night, but nothing seemed to help. It was cold . . but it was unnatural - without explanation. Your hostess looked worried as she went about her tasks, though not overly so, and when questioned she merely offered that 'It was not unusual these day'.

It was a peculiar choice of words but something Sarianna did not elaborate on.

Miosil finished her trance with Lym watching. the cold did not do her well, but it was tolerable. her mind still held questions- about what happened, the professor, Grymholdt, her companions. as she came for breakfast she dared ask the innkeeper "so... when exactly is the funeral? I'd like to see who came. perhaps visit the Proffesor's family, house or friends? does he has any? he didn't quite tell. we talked about... other matters".

Morning came, thankfully...

The past day and night had been surreal but now the time to dwell on it was over. Most likely everyone would take their own path and Valeria herself had to report back... surely at least someone would notice her missing by now!

As she waited the early hours for breakfast time Valeria - not having much else to do - pressed her conversation with Sarianna "Is there something troubling you, maybe I can be of help" the young paladin offered with a wide and genuine smile.

Valeria sipped her coffee as Miosil did some inquiries of her own, Valeria was also curious to know more about this professor.

Andrei came to from his perch stretched out on the table, squinting his eyes against the painful dawn, however muted. Groaning, he rolls off the table and onto the floor with a meaty thud, and there lies unconscious once more - by fatigue or trauma is of no matter.

Sarianna wore a wry smile as she watched Andrei slump to the floor; it was an occupational requirement to deal with such things but it still amused her that men treated themselves so. The irony of course was that her livelihood depended in no small part to her customers . . indulgences.

"Your friend doesn't seem to be in any condition for the funeral." She told Miosil. "Luckily he'll have most of the morning to recover . . the professor will be buried mid-afternoon. Any later and the ceremony risks the inevitable wind and rain that settles in most evenings."

To Valeria she offered: "Pardon my slip . . I did not mean to burden anyone with my irrational concerns. I love this town but sometimes it just . . gets to you . . you know? But those are dark . . before the dawn feelings . . and the sun always rises doesn't it."

Sarianna talked as she went about the task of tidying up around the prone form of Andrei. "Is the professor's daughter expecting you? I gather you must have been close friends of the old man to have come so far."

Miosil blinks. "Daughter? he never mentioned... i guess no, not expecting me at least. maybe the others? what is her name? is she the professor's only child?" She want towards Andrei, lifitn him up with what strength she had. she tilted her head away from him "lovely, just lovely" proping him near the wall she came to Valeria. "We barely talked. do you know the professor as well?"


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