Jibberjabber III (OOC)

Jibberjabber III (OOC)

I just like to start fresh once in awhile.

Ok, its been a long day and my brain is hurting. I will take an indepth look at the latest Applications later tonight. And strive to keep things moving.

If you are waiting for me in a thread, bump it (I will merge that away later) or post a link in your House OOC (or CT for you Houseless). I have enough PMs as is (part of recruiting)

actually, I would allow the High Elf to be the PC (with Leadership) and the Drow to be the Cohort. But the Drow is still the master and the PC is the slave.
Just between you, me, and the OOC thread... if my PC ends up dying, I'm hoping the cohort lives... and then I'd try to pull something off like that with the "slave" being the PC. I still have much interest in my current PC, so I'm not hoping he dies

Well, I just had a nasty shock. Remembering that armour, shields and weapons sized for non-Medium creatures cost a different amount. For Huge creatures, four times the amount. That was a painful cash sink...

x4 the base cost (including material). That shouldn't be too bad.

Ouch. That is some expensive armor.

For what its worth...

House Rule: size tiny armor does not halve the AC value (the reverse isn't true of Huge, Garg, or even Colossal armor, so why penalize the tiny and smaller?)

Nope, Wipput, that would be even more expensive. Mithral Mountain Plate as it happens.

@Drowbane: Because they get an AC and attack bonus instead of penalty?

Yeah, so do halflings.

Yeah, realisitically size tiny Full Plate would be like tin foil... Size colossal Full Plate should then be able to deflect armor piercing rounds or something.

D&D fails as a reality engine.

edit: not that any random great wyrms you might encounter in my campaign wear mountain plate barding or anything. That'd be... silly.


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