Jibberjabber III (OOC)

Are you planning on any modifications to the rules from this game? For example, how will you be handling the Wish economy, spell issues (e.g. persistent True Seeing spells, clones/simulacrums/etc.)? You might want to ping Drowbane for his opinion for what worked and what didn't.

I haven't decided if I'll apply yet or not. A lot depends upon how you handle the above and how much I would have to modify my character's concepts so that they aren't rendered obsolete by the rules that are chosen.

Hmm does this mean my crazy houseless catburgling mad scientist might have a chance to annoy and irritate drow society in general?

With gnomish abandon? And a a vicious drow edge?

Yeah, I hope it's similar to Drowbane's ruleset, otherwise I might have to change most of my characters...

@Mishra & JCBarnes - same rules. if DB gave your something special (like a custom magic item or invented spell) please point it out in a special area of your CT. (Just for my reference)

@Aragorn - if we get enough people by about the 18th, i wont bother ever posting an ad. if we dont, i will.

@Druid - yes, yes it does.

Still here.

Originally Posted by mishra View Post
Level 15? Hell yeah.

HELL yeah.


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