Jibberjabber III (OOC)

Hehe, all this talk about Canada and I'm watching the (repeat) 30 Rock episode about Jack and his wife stuck in Canada.

It's hilarious every time I watch it.

Well, you can't expect brand name to be amazing Jreece. Only one or two is any good(for brand name).

And if the good stuff was everywhere, one of two things would happen. One, standards would be raised. Two, in an effort to meet demand, quality would drop.

Thats life.

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well, i will admit that america has some decent beers. usually locals, made in small breweries.

but the stuff you can find "anywhere" is shyte
You should try the Alaskan Amber line of beers. Not being a native to Alaska I hadn't tried it before moving here, but I have to admit that it is a damn fine beer.

Aragorn - Raising standards wouldnt be too bad. Look at Europe, there are a lot of great beers across the board, because of competition, the bad ones dont get bought.

Its an issue with a lot of things in North America, the concept of maintaining quality, when quantities go up, is lost. Its a fault of most capitalist societies, where making money is more important then making a good product.

@Sabin - Will have to try and get some. I like ambers, but am more of a Stout or Bitter man.

Dont be a commy. Or rain on my capitalist parade.

But I hear you, and yes it is sad. Look at McDonalds....

OK I am wh@!ing out myself to a House that does not have a second son...just saying...(young male drow, seeking loving Matron Mother, and enjoys long walks in the underdark) No sign because there are no stars...

"Actually, being apart of a House is so... empowering...", the little drow priestess said, smirking at {INSERT WIPPITS PC NAME HERE}.


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