Jibberjabber III (OOC)

And don'tforget a blade in the back when they aren't looking... That's important too

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Oops. I got a "Everything as PC's except 9 and lower level. I'll go fix my wealth!
Ack! DId I really say that? I blame the hour. Sorry for the confusion.

Mass confusion!! (SLA - At Will, DC 54)

Ok, I was pretty sure Cohorts have been using NPC Wealth. 16k is pretty sad though.
Older players: Wrathgon and Evedgebah says PC wealth, did I tell anybody else that?

Sigh, I need to keep better notes.

Hey, gonna ask for help from the peanut gallery...

10th level wizard (banned: necro), what spells are best for Spell Mastery to use with Uncanny Forethought? Polymorph I think is a given, Teleport is problematic in Underdark, though...

I was told that cohorts use NPC wealth. it sucks, but ya, thats what I was told. and its what you said in the answers thread...

k, that is what I thought.

Evedgebah, Wrathgon: sorry for the confusion. I probably did tell you wrong, I blame sleep deprivation and mishandled notes.

On the bright side, you can hook your mooks up with whatever cheap crap (wish economy and all that) you want. And your followers can blow all of their NPC Wealth monies on one item (so the level 10s have 1 item of actual worth).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As you can see, House Illafin is back. I will roll a die to figure out their Ranking later. First I will give Illafin two more members and one to Nizzre and the Merc Guild, then whatever is left will be up for auction by the Matrons to try to get 4-5 active players per House (again).

wow NPC wealth sucks ass..... time to try to take out some main PCs....

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