OOC and such

OOC and such

looks like everyone has accepted..i will start the game later, proably near midnight my time so the game can start friday, please have your character sheets in the section by then if you can, and we will get underway... Good luck agents..lol..lol..


Hey all, let's have fun with this one. I'm brand new to Dark Heresy, this will be my first game ever, so please gently point out any faux pas I make the first time. After the first time you're free to yell at me

not a problem..i'm a pretty forgiving dm...just feel free to ask in the rules question or on ooc and i'm sure we all can help you out..i might even make mistakes also...the rules are not always user friendly

any prefrences as how you guys would like the dm to ask you things, like skill rolls and such and narrative to be...one in bold, the other in italics, different colors..etc...i'm open to suggestions

Well, I usually like the technical stuff to either be in the OOC discussion, ooc tag, or spoilers, myself

feel free to start posting in the main story thread when you guys are ready

Hi everyone, looking forward to having a fun time! Xegex, you might want to check out my character's anti-psyker abilites under Untouchable - Psychic Disruption.

i do feel a little guilty about that, but also kind of thought it would be cool to see how a psyker and untouchable would play out in a team.. might just have to stay at a distance from each other, but also has some neat ideas to combo off each other.

xegek, you might not know who is causing the problem with your psykic powers, and also remember, right now you can't even reach the warp cause of the drug effects


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