OOC and such

damn nice metal grate i'm assuming is one of the grates to the many different holes in the sides of the wall, and not the mesh covering over the lumen globe. i think at first i was wondering why you would be trying to pry off the mesh covering to the light..but i think you are after the porticullis like grate. let me know if i'm wrong..


also when/if combat happens, you guys want me to roll up intitives and place the combat order or would you like to roll them a little in advance, letting you guys i'm gonna need them, so i can get the combat order ready for when combat does start? just idea's to help spead up posts so we arn't spending a couple days just waiting on intitive order rolls

up to you guys

^ I GM a couple games on here and in my opinion it's best for the GM to just roll up all the initiatives. Waiting on people initiative just makes the slowest part of PBP go even slower.

Also, a petty point concerning flow, making an IC post when all you're doing is rolling initiative gets pretty stale, since you're not actually doing anything. How many ways can you write about your character getting ready for action?

I'm still under the influence of those's effecting my muscles lol

Quick question, are we working on the assumption that we already know each other, or do we all work out eventually that we are acolyte's for the same inquisitor??

you should all at least know of each other, if not having worked together already, you guys can form what ever back stories you want...but you should all at least know each other's names and you all know you work for the same inquisitor

Would you say that these creatures represent ordinary horrors or supernatural horror? As Ferrus has jaded which means he doesn't gain IP from ordinary horrors.

they are ordinary horrors, i'm thinking its just the clear skin and that you can see thier gooey insides that is freaking people out, they arn't from the warp or anything..just some bizzare planet

not sure but I presumed that we can see that the creature was blind because you explained it in your post??

not that it matters, with my fear and shok rolls it looks like I'm running scared lol


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