OOC and such

it appears not to have any eyes, think long horse like skull face, without eye sockets

i'll try to get a picture of it from the book scanned in and posted here for people to see today or tommarrow hopefully

just curious as to what the z does at the end of the 1d100z i see in posts, i don't know alot about the functions on this site,

Also, you guys are rolling very good..the dice gods are shining on these rolls...lol

personal prefrence if you guys can also, to post the stat you are rolling under with your rolls and/or showing the math on bonuses and such, just a personal prefrence i have to catch any bonuses or negative modifers that are applying incase i miss or you guys miss something.

adding z for a ROLL tag will display the value at the end;

Dice Roll: 1d10z
d10 Results: 3
Test (3)
Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 7

I have been reading my rolls wrong lol..I thought my low rolls were fails and my high one a success.
Thank the God Emperor, at least I wont run from the beasts now

sorry i havn't posted in a day or so, been working doubles, i'll post later tonight after i get off work

Just checking to see who is supposed to post next. I was waiting for Krell. It looks like both Krell and Ravion are sliding under the grate.

well I know is not me as I'm still out cold this round. At least I don't have to worry about insanity on top of that.


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