OOC and such

sorry, i think it might be my fault, i should post more about the tunnels, it was late when i posted my narrator stuff, should be the top of the initive round, the stuff i said was what happened on the last turn.

the howls echo from all around, sorry, the grinding machinery can be heard to the south over the sounds of the howling coming from the room you left and bouncing down from the tunnels in a strange echo

i'll have post up tonight if Dal hasn't posted by then with the end of round 1 combat

Hey guys ....sorry I have been missing. I have lost my internet connection. My phone company is doing some maintenance work on my street and have said it should be back by the weekend. Marshawk if you could npc Dal till I'm back I'd be grateful..I was going to circle around and attack the beast. Sorry guys I know I'm holding up the game but I should be back for the weekend

hope everyone had a good holiday, will try to have a post up later today


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