Allean Karemethel Fluff

Name: Allean Karemethel

Homeworld: Imperial World

Career Path: Imperial Psyker

Background: Having been born in a small village on a mining world, Allean lived a simple life. As was custom of the people of that world, he began mining at a young age, which as one could imagine is not the safest job. It was on one fateful day that he spent mining, in which the mine began to cave in. Terrified that his life would soon be over, Allean prayed to the God Emperor for a miracle, and that is when one happened. The rocks that were about to seal the entrance of the cave were suddenly pushed away, and he could see the light again. People around him stared in awe, and a few began to shout, "Psyker" and "Freak". Allean was confused. He had no idea what was going on. His parents quickly hurried him away to their house, where they explained to him what he was, and told him to not use his powers again.

And so he quickly resumed his quiet life, though every once in a while, people would mention his power again. When this happened though, Allean merely shrugged it off. It still would always make him sting a little to be made fun of for his abilities. People even began spreading rumors that his parents were Psykers. But hope came to Allean in a peculiar way. One day, the village heard a loud roar, and soon saw a huge swarm of Chaos Daemons. Everyone ran in terror, but it was pointless. They were being brutally slaughtered, until the sky began to darken, from an Imperial ship. Out of it came a group of Space Marines, who began wiping out the Daemons. And the leader of these Marines, just so happened to be a Psyker.

After the Marines had saved the village and were about to leave, Allean felt a strong urge tugging at him. He ran up to the Marines, and asked them to let him join. They explained to him the gruesome details of becoming a Marine, but then gave him the alternative of joining the Inquisition. He said yes without hesitation, but they warned him that it would mean giving up his old life entirely. He looked back at the village, and saw his parents', in the forms of corpses mangled by the Daemons. Then he looked at the rest of the villagers, who had shunned him. He had no life on this village to lead anymore, so he told them he knew he would join.

And so, he trained for years, until finally, he was called to join an Inquisitor