Party balance

Alignments are tough that way. You can resist an unjust law if you're lawful good, but you're supposed to trying fixing it within the system first.

Chaotic good would be more appropriate for the average freedom fighter.

Then there's the fun of playing a Lawful Neutral agent from another kingdom. Then you've been given permission by one lawful authority to break the law of another. Fun times all around!

/end ramble

Oh yeah..I should probably state that my character loves to make things go if someones an alchemist that would be dandy!

I've always believed that Lawful describes a character who sticks to a personal code of ethics, is consistent in what he says and does, and expects consistency in others. It's not necessarily a willingness to obey laws and customs (and if the PHB says that, then I disagree with Paizo). Chaotic would describe a character that acts randomly and enjoys breaking systems. The evidence that supports this opinion is that different societies will have different sets of laws, some contradictory, and a character can't be expected to follow all of them.

Anyways, if the authorities here are benevolent, then the monk concept is out (unless he's LE, but I don't like playing evil characters). However, I don't think it's possible to classify an organization with an alignment - it's a property of individuals. Further, the good intentions of authorities can often blind them to evils that are committed by their minions on the street. The mayor thinks she's a champion of justice, but meanwhile the city watchmen are beating up minorities and detaining suspicious people without due process. And without evidence of benevolence, the term Lawful Good becomes merely propaganda in the eyes of the outsider.

Anyways, I'll just do a straight up CE rogue.

Lawful does not mean someone sticks to a personal code of ethics, but rather they stick to a higher authority's ordained code of ethics. A lawful character will follow the letter of the law of their chosen higher authority, and generally follow the letter of the law of any current authority. In the case of conflicting laws, they go with their chosen higher authority. In the case of a law that goes against a character's personal code of ethics... a lawful character will always follow the law.

Cities have alignments, because a city is basically a giant person. The government is the head, and the people are the body. Magada is lawful good because the government is actually upholds justice pretty well. Criminals are punished, innocent people are left alone, and there is actually effort being put into distinguishing between the two. People you meet on the street are very likely to follow the law, and equally likely to report you if they catch you breaking the law.

You won't go to jail for standing on the street corner selling suspicious looking meat pies. That is legal, no one likes it much, but they go along with it because it is legal. You will spend the night in jail for being caught in the marketplace after dark. That is illegal, no one really cares, but they'll report you because it's illegal.

What's our objective for this game? Are we just a gang of thieves who go around stealing stuff, extorting businesses, and trading on the black market? Like, is that the reason we came to this city, figuring there wouldn't be any competition?

And does that mean our characters should be evil? Or if non-evil, then we have to stick to victimless crimes like transporting contraband through security checkpoints to feed our families in the ghetto? Or meaningless vandalism for the lulz.

Or I guess if we're involved in illegal businesses like magic item creation, or magical services, we go back to having a monopoly based on illegality. Maybe the alchemist is our lab guy, and the rest of us are goons he hired to protect the business, intimidate the competition, and rough up the troublemakers.

Those suspicious looking meat pies? They're really potions of invisibility! If only they knew...

Good questions, Jeeeeoker.

I was kind of envisioning us trying to pull of heists and cons on an unsuspecting populace. I don't know how much of this will be a sandbox, or how much will be story driven, though.

Also, if we have multiple votes for my original alchemist idea, that works too... lol, now I'll never decide. ^_^

Current Plans:

Illuminaire - Alchemist or Oracle

BjmGeek - ???

Hanabi - Rogue/Bard

Jeeeeoker - Rogue

QikJoi - Bard (Sandman)

Ohmsford - Sniper Rogue or Something Weird =p

Only two of us are getting in, right? Three players are already in from the start, or something, and four people showed interest in filling the last two spots. Not sure who the first three are, so it's hard to identify the party makeup at this point.

I was planning on making a ranged sniper rogue. Basically killing peeps from a far...

Or perhaps I will make a druid or something weird.

Warlock would have been useful, but that's 3.5...


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