Party balance

the game's going to be pretty sandbox. Make your crap-loads of money how you see fit, stay hidden as well as you can.

The city has a story, you'll figure it out as time goes on. I'll throw plot hooks whenever I feel like the pace is slowing down.

In your quests to exploit the city and it's inhabitants, remember there is always someone watching...

ok. So for my something weird.

Serpentine Bloodlines Sorcerer. She uses snakes to assassinate people. I wouldn't be super sneaky, but being an assassin would certainly fit into the rogue feel.

Ok Im going straight rogue, no bard. Finished my character

Illuminaire, I vote for the one that started with an I forgot what it was..stupid school xD

Edit: Should probably state Im trying something new that I have never done before...Im going with Chaotic good.....oooooo

I've been leaning more towards Pirate. Maybe with a bit of Rogue / Rake to make things interesting.

I agree!

Also, after flip flopping a dozen times, I ended up picking the original Alchemist idea. He's a bit more serious of a character, which should offset some of the zanier personalities.

If you need cheap potions, poisons, or poultices, you'll know where to go. (Explosives will be available to everyone but Hanabi. I don't empower pyromaniacs. >.> )

So the original party
Illuminaire - Alchemist

Bjmgeek - Pirate

Hanabi - Rogue

plus my choices:
Ohmsford - Sorceress

Daemonar - Alchemist

Thanks for all the ideas, sorry to those that didn't get in.

Daemonar, feel free to message me if you want to do a little friendly meta-plotting. If we end up with the same discoveries or something it's not a biggie though.


Darn! Not Fair Illuminaire! XD oh well...I'll probably buy poisons to dip my darts in...


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