Party balance

I've sent you a little bit of my plan, Illuminaire, but OTHER PARTY MEMBERS: I'll be taking CLW as an extract, which means I can use wands of CLW without UMD checks, so if someone can craft those we can have our post-battle healing basically taken care of.

Can I get bombs off of you dae? XD you guys think a bow and arrow would be good in this game? I usually buy them but I didnt know how well it would go in a city

From a mechanical standpoint, bows require a significant investment in feats to become truly dangerous. Short ranges are also a potential issue in a city. My suggestion is to consider crossbows instead, unless your strength is going to be 14 or higher.

Hanabi - yea, but I only get Class level + Int mod + (0.5 x class level) per day; right now, with no magical enhancements to my Intellect, I've got a +4 modifier, leaving me with 11 bombs per day. That's a good number if we only have two or three encounters per game-day, but if we get four or five I'll be really running short ... and my character's more than a bit of a pyro as well, so our guys will bond pretty well. Ready to set the city on fire? XD

Edit: the (0.5 x class level) is coming from the Advanced Player's Guide. instead of getting an extra skill point or HP, I get +0.5 to the number of bombs I can make per level, giving me a total of +2 now (will go up to +3 at 6th level)

@ Dae: We're going to be the best of friends XD

@Ill: I have a strength of 14 however I was more worried if it would be too suspicious to have it...although I do have the handy haversack

I can always switch some of my spells out for some healing ones. Being a sorcerer I know less spells than a wizard but I certainly can get some healing.

Originally Posted by ohmsford View Post
I can always switch some of my spells out for some healing ones. Being a sorcerer I know less spells than a wizard but I certainly can get some healing.
Between Daemonar's character and mine, healing should be covered. Feel free to concentrate on other spells that better suit a serpent sorceress.

Noted haha. I think right now my selection is rather limited :/ but soon... soon...
*Insert evil laugh here*

SOMETHING WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO: we need to get AT LEAST one bag of holding, in addition to the Handy Haversacks that I'm sure someone will have. Bags of Holding are some of the MOST useful items in the game - the possibilities are almost endless ... like, if someone can teleport as a spell or spell-like ability, we can all jump inside a bag (provided it's big enough, though with some Reduce Persons we'll be fine) and then teleport away for free! Or steal a TON of treasure and then cast a Dispell Magic on the bag, which turns it *temporarily* into a regular bag, keeping our stolen treasure safe and locked away temporarily. OR we can tie guards up and throw them in the bag, where they can't yell and alert other guards ...
the lost goes on and on and on! =D

How much gold do we each get?

I forget what the starting gold was but I have like 10k gp.

I think if we all pooled our money (once we all got together as a party RP wise) we could afford one or two.

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